The Most Treasured Jewelry Materials in the World, and Their Worth

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Does it always come as a surprise when someone tells you how much their ring costs? And while you look at it, you cannot really see why they are that expensive. The answer to your question may be in the elements used in the making of that item of jewelry. In this piece, we will look at a few of the very treasured jewelry materials found on earth.


Gold is so far the most precious metal found on the earth’s surface is, and it has been used to make jewelry for centuries now. One of the most common gold properties is its malleability, Which means that it can bend to form any ship when heated to a specific temperature. Today it is possible to find gold in different shades rather than the typical yellow. You can find gold and jewelry in water green, white, green, red, and blue hues.


Silver is the second most widely used metal in jewelry, and just like gold, it is very malleable. One of the most remarkable features that silver offers is how it blends effortlessly with diamonds and other precious gems to be discussed later on. Compared to gold, the diamond shines brightly, and that’s why most people prefer silver to gold.

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Platinum is also another precious metal that can be bending to form precious jewelry that costs millions. Platinum is very malleable and has a very high resistance to acid corrosion and a very high melting point. This makes it a precious jewelry that is highly-priced in the market today.


Ever heard of the expression diamonds are a girl’s best friend? Well, they’re just not a girl’s best friend but everyone’s best friend. Diamonds roots from black coal, pressurized and treated, and very high heat conditions produce a highly reflective material known as diamond. Majority of diamonds and categorized and priced according to the color as well as their purity levels. This simply means that blue-white diamond is priced very differently to the yellow diamonds: while purity is measured according to the stones’ clarity. The clearer it is from impurities and flaws, the more expensive it is.

Because of the rarity of diamonds globally, they are mostly used as additional materials to silver, gold, or platinum rings. That said, it is no surprise to find a septum ring with a diamond piece attached.


This bright red gem is a sight to behold. The pigeon red color makes them very attractive to any piece of jewelry. But they’re not always red; some could appear brownish while others could appear violet, depending on the source they come from. Natural rubies are also scarce to come by, and that is why they’re also used as additional materials to golden, silver, and platinum rings and jewelry pieces.

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Sapphire is a blue gem that is considered the most valuable of precious stones in the world. Sapphires’ purity indication is mostly based according to its color, which can determine the source it comes from. For example, Myanmar’s sapphire is usually deep blue, while a Kashmire sapphire is usually cornflower blue. There are other shades of sapphire like violet and lighter shades of blue.


Emerald is a green precious to me that has been used to make jewelry for a very long time. The green color is very striking and complimentary on any piece of metal jewelry, including gold, silver, or platinum. Emeralds are famous for making necklaces and rings and other grand pieces of jewelry around the world.


Topaz is a pure crystal gem that is used in the making of beautiful pieces of jewelry. Topaz is mostly honey yellow and also comes in the sheds of pink, red, blue, and clear. There are so many kinds of Topaz in the market, and they differ according to their purity and source.

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Pearls of one of the most precious gems known and their age can be traced to the ages of the oceans worldwide since that is the source. The color of pearl stones is dependent on the color of the water where they come from; for instance, a pearl taken from the Indian Ocean is not the same as the Pearl found in the Atlantic. A great example is an Australian white pearl which has brownish or bluish hues. Mexican pearls have a red or black color, Pearls from Japan are white or cream, pearls from Sri Lanka a pink, and pearls from Panama are golden brown.

The value of pearls is then determined by this source they come from as well as their outward appearance. The above mentioned, Have a ready market for them that is why pearls are costly regardless of where they come from.


Amber is a unique material that is not like all the other gems; instead of fossil resin, it is usually brown or yellow. Some forms of Amber could also take a red color, green colors, or blue shades. If you are into clear gems, then Amber jewelry might not be the one for you, since they sometimes have materials trapped inside. Finding insects and other particles in Amber is no surprise.


ivory is mostly found in the horns and tusks of animals such as elephants, warthogs, and hippos. They usually an off-white material, which later ages to form a yellow material. The only controversy surrounding ivory’s use is that these animals have to be tortured then killed for the material to become available. In some states, ivory pieces of jewelry have been banned. And this makes it even more valuable to the countries that still allow their circulation.

Take Away

The industry of jewelry making is one that has been here for so many years, perhaps considered one of the oldest forms of sectors in the world. Since time immemorial, civilizations have used the above mentioned precious metals and gems, and you must understand the list could very much go on.