Milan: The Plexus of Fashion, Business & History

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Milan is Italy’s largest city, where the greatness of the magnificent past and the energy and flair of the present coexist peacefully. It has become an excellent city for shopping, business, and career creation, but it lacks extreme romanticism. Despite the hectic pace of life, the world fashion capital has a distinct appeal. Here you are immersed in the world of fashion and luxury.

Twice a year, during fashion weeks, the city transforms into a massive catwalk, attracting fashion designers, models, stylists, and journalists who decide the fate of the world’s stylish men and women. If you choose to visit Milan during this period, you must prepare well.

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quadrilatero della moda
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Quadrilatero della moda

It is only possible to leave Milan after shopping. The local Fashion Quarter unites several streets with luxurious boutiques of the most famous designers, department stores, and shopping centers where you can buy everything your heart desires.

And, of course, dozens of outlets—shops and shopping centers offering huge discounts on clothes, shoes, and accessories from the previous collections of famous brands. You won’t find them in the center, but the choice is vast on the outskirts of the city.

galleria vittorio emanuele ii
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Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

It is worth visiting the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II to combine shopping and cognitive rest. The beauty of the building is breathtaking—an impressive triumphal arch at the entrance, a translucent roof, and a mosaic floor that looks like a real work of art. 

Previously, bakeries and craft shops worked inside; now, they have been replaced by expensive boutiques and status restaurants. Tourists like the gallery because in between shopping, you can rest on a bench, looking at the details of the decor.

la scala opera
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La Scala Opera

Milan is a mecca for shopaholics and one of the oldest cities in Italy, where many unique historical monuments have been preserved. Seen by many as the world’s most famous opera house, La Scala has been gathering true connoisseurs of opera art for three centuries in a row.

Behind the usual inconspicuous facade hides luxury and grandeur. The audience creates a unique solemn atmosphere—there is a dress code in the theater, and if you are not in a chic suit or elegant long dress, get ready to catch disapproving glances from others.