Men’s Health Problems in Divorce

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It is assumed that men are tougher, more resilient, and confident than women. In some way, this is true. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that men cannot be weak, and they shouldn’t ask for any help, especially when it comes to a breakup.

There is evidence indicating that men are put at a higher risk of health problems following separation or divorce than their female partners. Usually, after the divorce, the mother gets full custody of the children. The father’s separation from the children may contribute to his mental health problems. It is proved that divorce men have a 250% higher mortality rate than non-divorced ones. They are more likely to have frequent colds, cancer, heart conditions, and suicidal behavior. The truth is that the effects divorce has on people’s health don’t depend on their gender, race, social status, age, and so forth. Even the most disciplined and successful people can face lots of health problems, no matter whether it is a quick divorce or a long and hard one.

It is worth mentioning that these health issues are both physical and mental. To prevent life-threatening consequences, it is crucial to recognize sudden changes in behavior just as heart attack signs. Common health problems an average man may suffer from during and after divorce are the following:

Frequents Colds

Except for draining men financially and emotionally, divorce weakens their immune systems. This is mainly due to the high stress levels and anxiety they experience. However, in some cases, the immune defense of males is decreased as a result of unhealthy eating and a sedentary lifestyle, which are closely associated with the loss of their better halves. Decreased immune defense makes men more susceptible to respiratory illnesses, such as cold and influenza.

Heart Complications

It is reported that divorce is closely related to the high risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases: it literally breaks the hearts of many divorcing men. Those who have been through it two or more times are at a 30% increased risk for cardiac seizure; however, this number rapidly decreases as soon as these men get remarried.

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Physical Pain

Many divorcing or divorced men often complain about physical pain. This is how their bodies respond to the stress they have been through. These men usually suffer from back pain that often leads to reduced mobility or even loss of it. For them, it is almost impossible to walk up a few flights of stairs in a row, not to speak of running long distances. The intense chest pain that may occur suddenly in men after a breakup is a warning sign of broken heart syndrome that can even send them to the hospital for a few weeks.  

Depression and Anxiety 

Depression, sadness, disappointment, anxiety, and guilt are all the common feelings an average person experiences after a breakup. Divorced men are ten times more likely than married ones to seek psychiatric help.

During the dark days after a breakup, men are very likely to lose their motivation to take care of themselves. When they have no obvious reason to take care of their health and their good habits disappear by the minute, their life loses its significance. Given the said, it becomes clear why they have 39% higher rates of suicidal behavior than their married counterparts. 

Substance Abuse

Men who feel sick at heart and have no idea of what their future life is like are prone to risky behaviors; they start using drugs or drinking compulsively in the hope of filling the void left by their family life. When in a depressed mood, men smoke and drink alcohol as if nothing else can help them cope with their bitterness. For this very reason, divorced men are twice as likely as married ones to end up as smokers.

The problem is that far not all men seek professional medical care in time. No matter whether it is a GP, therapist, or another healthcare professional, getting the needed support in time can stop many health problems from growing like a snowball and probably can even prevent the lethal outcome. Understanding how to recognize common health issues can help many divorced men bring their attention to warning signs just in time and encourage them to seek medical help immediately.

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Take Care of Yourself

No matter how tough is the time you are going through, no matter how shocked and upset you feel, and no matter how many more divorce documents you have to prepare, get around to taking care of your health timely and properly. You can do this in different ways – adopt healthy eating habits, lead an active lifestyle, keep in touch with your family, and go out with friends regularly.

Never underestimate preventative healthcare. This is how you can be sure that nothing threatens your both mental and physical well-being. Unfortunately, many men neglect to get regular health check-ups. Never do the same. This is how you can catch warning signs of imminent health hazards and prevent serious diseases in the harshest possible way. Or at least, it will give you another reason to make healthy changes in your diet and lifestyle. When it comes to your mental health and when your family lives far from you and you cannot share everything with your friends, then getting talking therapy sounds like a plan!

Very few people can go through divorce smoothly. Breakup is really bad timing, even when it was a hundred percent right decision. But you don’t have to go through everything on your own. Make sure that all your actions are taken on protecting your health. Remember that maintaining your well-being through these hard times is your priority.