10 Basics Every Man Needs for Vacation

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After enduring deadlines, bills, and responsibilities, it’s time to take a step back and chill out. Translation: it’s finally time for a hard-earned vacation. That means sun, sand, tank tops for men, and maybe some tropical drinks. To prepare for your much-needed break, here are ten essentials to start your vacation out right.

1. Tech Tools

Some vacations are taken to “unplug,” but we can’t always be completely disconnected. Technology is key to traveling from a logistical standpoint and staying tuned into your business online. 

A versatile travel adapter should be on every packing list, so your phone has enough charge to book that Uber or enjoy your e-reader on the beach. Just make sure you have the right plug for your chosen destination. 

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2. Sun Protection

While embracing your inner lizard to sleep in the sun, don’t forget that unprotected sunshine can do some severe damage (ranging from wrinkles to skin cancer). 

Especially if you’re courting the equator in your travels, you may need to reapply sunblock every couple of hours to combat those rays. Be wary of prolonged exposure to the sun for hard-to-reach areas (like your back) unless you want to spend the rest of the trip indoors.

Tank tops for men offer a basic layer, but more is needed. A wide-brimmed hat or umbrella can also be a life-saver when spending hours in the sun. 

3. Organization Tools

Don’t let travel be an excuse to be disorderly with your clothes and personal items. Instead of playing ‘Where’s Waldo?’ with your favorite pair of shorts every time you open your suitcase, invest in a set of packing cubes to make packing and unpacking a breeze. 

They come in various sizes and not only help you stay sorted but also provide the capacity for an extra outfit or souvenir. Whether you’re opting for a multi or single-destination vacation, these organizers can be a game changer.

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4. Stylish Shades 

As with any sunny destination, sunglasses ought to be a no-brainer. While they’re a clear fashion winner, they also offer eye safety and protection against UV rays, wind, and ocean spray. Whether you’re cruising along the coastline in the convertible, riding the waves, or exploring city streets, never leave your shades at home.

5. Extra Travel Bag

You never know what might happen on the road. Plan to protect your gear in case of unexpected tropical storms and other events and to navigate safely in unexplored terrain. A wet/dry bag is the pinnacle of versatility, satisfying your travel needs while protecting electronics and travel documents from the elements. You’ll be ready for anything from an impromptu boat cruise to a sudden tropical sunshower.

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6. Quick-Dry & Workout Gear

Get more from every vacation hour by wearing versatile clothing. Quick-dry gear is an excellent way to keep cool on the beach, at the gym, and while exploring new terrain. 

Easy to rinse and re-use, shorts and tank tops for men keep your bag light and allow maximum agility when going from surf to turf and everywhere in between.

7. All-in-One Footwear

Some footwear is simply not vacation friendly, despite our best efforts to make it so. Shoes don’t travel well in bags, and besides, you want to minimize the number of wardrobe changes throughout your trip.

The best solution is to pack just two pairs of shoes–one for the beach and exploration and one slightly more formal alternative. Water shoes with open toes and quick-dry capabilities will take you further than you think and simplify your outfit assembly. 

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8. Noise-Canceling Gear

A source of solitude from crying airplane babies and beach tourists, wireless, noise-canceling headphones make your vacation as peaceful as possible. Slip into your favorite soundtrack while you lounge by the pool, walk through the town or meditate in the cabana. Music isn’t always necessary, either. Sometimes, you just want the peace and quiet of ambient noise or to catch up on a celebrity podcast.

9. Books & Journals

Aside from partying, dining, and sunbathing, there is always room for contemplation. Grab a journal for your travels, so you can brainstorm when inspiration strikes. After all, life is always busy, but you can take time to continue and reflect. You never know–that million-dollar idea or book inspiration may come to you when you least expect it, whether at the airport or lounging in the sand.

10. Hydration Boosters

While hydration is important all year round, it’s extra essential while baking in the sun for days and indulging in less-than-healthy habits. Between poolside cocktails and salty snacks, you have a recipe for dehydration. 

Consider bringing an insulated water bottle to keep you refreshed and cool, as long as the water source is proven safe. Packing electrolyte powders or tablets will help you out as well. And when citrus is available, take advantage of the opportunity for Vitamin C.

Vacation shouldn’t be complicated or stressful—aim for the exact opposite! These tips will get you in relaxation mode ASAP, making the most of each moment.

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