Luminox Watches & Its History of Manufacturing

Luminox Watch
Photo Credit: Luminox

People; young and old, love to wear watches. Luminox is a watch company that was founded in California in 1989, and its headquarters is in Switzerland. Luminox got its name for manufacturing watches for various military groups with custom designs. Among them are the Heliswiss team, US Coast Guard Team, US Air Force and other special forces also. The Luminox brand has expanded across thirty countries, which is an unbelievable feat. Among the top branded watches, one of the company’s most popular models is the LockHeed Martin. It was designed using visual elements of the fighter jets.

Luminox watches get itself advertised as “always visible technology.” The long term luminescence of the watch is due to the tritium inserts. This detail makes Luminox watches different from its peers since others use phosphorescent markers. The tritium in the gaseous tritium light source undergoes beta decay. This process involves the release of electrons that cause the phosphor layer to fluoresce. 

Luminox Watch Details
Photo Credit: Luminox Watch

The Luminox watches provide four lines of water-resistant devices that are labeled as “Sea,” “Air,” and “Land.” Luminox watches can steadily glow for up to 25 years without relying on external sources such as the daylight or a push-button like every other watch has. Luminox watches boldly proclaim their quality; instead, they are durable and are ideal for everyone for outdoor activities. These watches have been trusted and opted by many military personnel and law enforcement units. Luminox is one of the biggest volume producers of carbon compound watches in the world.

They are sturdy and equally lightweight. Luminox has its foot on types of military and can even resist extreme weathers. They have also designed watches for the astronauts who travel to space. The Space series from Luminox watches have been the talk of the town since it has put down all efforts to design watches that are used by the test pilots and the astronauts. Though the prices of each type of watches are higher, it is definitely worth the money that any customer pays to buy them.