Just Stylish? Benefits of Blue Light Glasses on Your Eye Health

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It is a known fact that blue light glasses are very stylish to wear. They provide your personality an overall enhanced look. Blue light glasses can be easily used in offices and formal gatherings. One thing that you must know is that blue light glasses are not meant for just being stylish. You can have various health benefits by using blue light glasses.

They are recommended by many physicians while working on digital screens to improve your eyes’ health. They are also proved to be beneficial in protecting your eyes from blue light damage coming directly from the digital screens.

Health Benefits of Blue Light Glasses:

There are several health benefits that you can get by using blue light glasses. Some of the top benefits are described below.

Reducing Fatigue of the Eyes

When our eyes are exposed to blue light coming from the digital screens for a long time it can have a very harmful effect on our eyes. Most of the time our eyes feel tired and irritated. Blue light causes fatigue in the eyes for a long time even if you discontinue the use of the screen for some time.

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Protect Them from Damage

Technology is growing at a faster rate so is the use of digital devices like laptop computers, mobile phones etc. people have no option but to use the latest technology for work and other purposes.

Using the blue light glasses can filter out the blue light coming from the screen. This way you can protect your eyes from damage and strain. Most medical doctors also recommend the use of blue light glasses while using screens for a longer time.

Balance Hormonal Activity

Melatonin is a hormone that is released from our brain when the night falls. In other words, when it gets dark our brain starts secreting melatonin hormone in our body. This is a signal to the body which helps controls the sleep cycles.

When you are up exposed to the screens, the blue light coming from the screens tells your brain to keep your body awake. This can disturb your hormonal activity at a greater level also affecting your sleep cycles. The use of blue light glasses is beneficial in regulating the natural amount of melatonin in the body. This way you can take care of your sleep cycle keeping them regular.

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Blue Light Glasses vs. Computer Glasses

Most people confuse computer glasses and blue light glasses considering them to be the same. Well, this is not the case; they both are different by certain factors.

Blue Light and Glare

Blue light glasses filter blue light coming from the digital screen that is very harmful to the eyes. Whereas computer classes Reduce the digital eye strains by limiting the glare from the screens.

Different Price Ranges

Blue light glasses are available in various price ranges depending upon the quality of the product. You can get them at an affordable price. Whereas computer glasses are slightly expensive from the blue light glasses. This is because high-quality material is mainly used in the manufacturing of the frame. The lens material used in computer classes is also costly because it provides multiple functions.

Health Benefits

Both blue light and computer glasses provide health benefits however computer classes have an anti-glare coat which eliminates the risk of having headaches, dizziness, and eye strain, etc. computer glasses also provide a slight magnification because of the type of lens used in it. Decentered Pupillary Distance Is also featured by the computer glasses which is beneficial for maintaining healthy Eyes.

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Eliminate the Risk of Abnormal Sleep Patterns

Blue light is considered responsible for abnormal sleeping patterns among many individuals. Most people develop Insomnia or other sleeping disorders because of too much exposure to digital screens. By using blue light glasses you will be doing your eyes and sleep a favor. It can help maintain your sleep cycles by balancing the hormones in your body as well as keep your eyes healthy.

Final Thoughts:

Blue light glasses are not just used for styling concerns. They provide many health benefits regarding the eyes and sleep patterns. If you are exposed to digital screens regularly for a longer time, it is recommended to use blue light glasses to block the way the blue light comes directly from the screens.