Is ‘Gamer Fashion’ Becoming a Leading Clothing Choice?

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As the online world is expanding, so too is the amount of interest surrounding the gaming industry and everything it entails. Whether it’s MMORPGs, casino games, console games or even mobile apps, more and more of us are trying our hand at gaming, and as a result, a new trend has been arising – gamer fashion. Whether it’s printed t-shirts, merchandise or accessories, gaming-related attire has become a staple in society, but is it becoming a leading clothing choice? We’re exploring why that might be the case, below.

Influencer Merchandise

Arguably one of the biggest aids to the rapid growth in popularity in the gaming industry is influencers. With a huge online presence, an influencer can have a significant effect on shaping the opinions of a target audience. Whether this is the likes of popular influencers such as PewDiePie saying that he likes a game or a product, or Game Theory (MatPat) releasing a theory surrounding the latest Nintendo title, these can all have a profound effect on the way that audiences view games.

Much like the success of the gaming industry, the increase in ‘gamer fashion’ is also in part down to the influencers and the ‘merch’ that is available to loyal followers. From gaming-based YouTube channels to the game developers themselves, merchandise is sold worldwide allowing all people to get involved thus, helping to feed into this rapidly growing industry.

Fortnite t-shirt via Urban Outfitters
Fortnite t-shirt via Urban Outfitters

Brand Loyalty

Another reason that ‘gamer fashion’ is becoming so popular is due to the large following for these games. With a unified love for all time favorite characters such as the iconic Italian plumbers Mario and Luigi and other characters such as Lara Croft and Crash Bandicoot, these games have generations of families as there following.

This has, therefore, lead to a growing number of people want to represent their love for their favorite game. In addition to this, big name titles such as Call Of Duty offer a specially designed t-shirt or other items of merchandise with a pre-order of their new game, allowing fans to represent their love for the brand as they play. This is the case not only with individual games but also with merchandise surrounding console manufacturers such as PlayStation and Xbox, as dedicated fans will want to collect the merchandise and support their favorite console.


In addition to this,  ‘gamer fashion’ can also represent a sense of community for those that love the games. With friends and other players all wearing the merchandise to an event or just around the street, you can identify like-minded people in no time at all adding a sense of community to the game and the industry in general. As the industry begins to acknowledge that merchandise can help to increase sales, there has been a growth in the items of merchandise surrounding big brand titles, adding to a more accessible wider sense of community with all those playing the game.


Although the gaming market is currently worth somewhere in the region of £137.9 billion in 2018, marketing is key for any company. By utilizing the ‘gamer fashion’ market, you are helping to not only provide a way for current players to celebrate their love for the game but also help expand your brand to a wider audience. With board games such as Monopoly, online epics like Fortnite as well as decorations for the home inspired by your favorite games consoles and products, this is the perfect way for brands to raise awareness to themselves while allowing their current fan base to collect all the merch.