How to Take Artsy Instagram Pictures

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To keep your followers coming to your Instagram feed, you have to make sure you take cool pictures that are artsy and trendy. However, doing so regularly can be challenging as you will have, for sure, some days when you run out of ideas. If this is one of those days, these few ideas might be just what you need.

Behind the scenes

If you are a busy man, always caught up in a project, you can always tease your followers by dropping a photo hinting at what’s to come. If you don’t have a big project going on, you can snap an aesthetically pleasing shot at the gym or one of you going to your favorite place to catch up with your friends. 

Experiment with angles

Instagram is filled with countless pictures that are mere copies of each other. To mix things up, why don’t you snap one of those perfect pictures but taken for a different angle. 

For instance, instead of taking a portrait in front of a brick wall, take one from one side or ask a friend to take a photo of you from the top of the nearby building. With the right angle and the proper outfit and filter, you will surely catch the attention of your followers.

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One of the most aesthetically pleasing pictures that one can find on Instagram is those that feature nature. If you don’t plan on going on a trip in the near future, there is still one thing that you can do: you can bring nature to your apartment. How you ask? Well, pretty simple. Use the household plants that you own to your advantage. 

Also, if you have a free day during the weekend, you could hop on a train and visit a city nearby. You could document your experience by taking numerous cool looking images that will, for sure, bring more followers to your page.

Embrace being a foodie

Everybody loves food. If you want to keep your Instagram friends engaged, next time you prepare something delicious, take a picture of it and let everybody know how good a cook you are. You can look for inspiration at Depositphotos stock photo to see how professionals shoot food.

Additionally, if you are out and you order a meal that looks stunning, share it with the world! There are numerous ways in which you can make food look even more appetizing. 

For instance, you could play with the light, and you could use nice-looking cutlery and fancy glasses. However, always remember that a minimalistic photo is still more appealing. So, the less busy the picture looks, the better.

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Make your pet famous

People love pets. If you own a cat or a dog, you can snuggle with your favorite ball of fur in front of the TV or a fireplace. This is also a way in which you can show the world your loving side. 

If you own exotic animals, you could also integrate them into your aesthetic. Go on and find a cool looking terrarium if your old one does not look up to part anymore. 

You can also take great pictures with your pet while on a hike. Nothing says manliness more than a picture of a guy with this best companion out in nature!

Use symmetry

Even the Ancient Greeks knew it: symmetry is something that the human mind finds beautiful. So, why don’t you use it in your shots? Next time you take a picture of anything, make sure that you use this principle. For example, if you want to snap a photo of the sun setting, do it from an angle that allows you to frame it between tree branches. 

Similarly, if you want to take a photo of a bridge, do so while standing at one end. This way, you’ll get the illusion that the bridge itself is a path that traverses the entire landscape. This is much more exciting to the eye than choosing a regular angle. 

Vibrant colors

If you like to experiment with bold colors, the perfect place to do so is on Instagram. You can ask a friend to snap a picture of you wearing a bright colored jacket in a crowd of people dressed in monotone clothing, or you can take a picture of your brightly colored shoes while walking on the streets. 

Once again, be sure to use as much natural light as you can, as this will add more to a picture than any other filter could. Also, remember that you don’t have to desperately search for an impressive background because all that matters is the angle of the picture that you take. So, be creative and experiment with what you have!