How to Pick the Right Indoor Tanning Lotion for Men?

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Indeed, men may not be as inclined to work as hard on their physical appearance as women do. However, a good deal of them put some effort, and nothing comes as attractive as a healthy glow that comes from a nice tan – not to mention the enhanced sex appeal. A bronzed warm look suits the masculine aesthetic quite well. However, we don’t always have the luxury of time to soak in the sun. This is precisely why the market’s demand for indoor tanning lotions.

What is an Indoor Tanning Lotion?

A tanning lotion is primarily used to accelerate the results of sunbathing by encouraging the skin’s absorption of UV rays while keeping your skin hydrated and moisturize after sun exposure. The indoor formulation is more suited to those who have a tanning bed, and it facilitates a more even tanned that will not indefinitely dry your skin out.

If you don’t use the best indoor tanning lotion before your sunbed tanning session, you are pretty much losing 50% of your skin’s tanning capacity. With an effective tanning lotion of good quality, your skin becomes moisturized to accommodate the heat, and this is important because dry skin tends to deflect the UV rays, and may cause more harmful effects like enhanced aging and skin cancer

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Types of Indoor Tanning Lotion

With that, an article from Skin Care Skills gave a concise enumeration of every type of tanning lotion to serve as a guide on determining what will suit you better.

We have the two main kinds for starters, which are the Outdoor and the Indoor tanning lotions. The main difference between the two, aside from the fact that they are used primarily in different places, is that the outdoor kind comes with sun protection.

Indoor tanning lotions, on the other hand, can be classified into five types that are formulated for various specific uses, and they are as follows:


This type is most ideal and is highly recommended to those with fair skin and are new to tanning. It is mainly made up of moisturizers that will prepare the skin for the heat it will be exposed to. As the name suggests, the primary purpose of this product is to produce optimum tanning results efficiently.


This type, on the other hand, is a tanning lotion that contains a skin darkening agent at various content percentages. Although, this darkened effect isn’t as long-lasting as compared to when you do frequent sunbed sessions.


As the name indicates, this type of indoor tanning lotion can be used before or after the tanning session. It consists of ingredients that enhance skin darkening with a cooling effect, which will allow the skin to relax and rejuvenate afterward.


Applied in two steps, this tanning lotion should be used only when you have achieved an even base tan. It also encourages skin darkening but does not have enough moisturizers in the solution as the Accelerators do.


This type has the opposite effects of coolant, and it instead darkens the skin tone by encouraging an increase in blood circulation, thus causes a burning sensation on the skin. This is usually also applied in the 3rd step of the tanning process.

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What Makes a Good Indoor Tanning Lotion for Men?

There are several excellent and reliable products in the market when it comes to indoor tanning, so looking for what suits you when you haven’t tried them may post quite a challenge. 


These do not only indicate the type of tanning lotion you will be using, but these give you the primary purpose of such a formulation. Make sure that there are no unnecessary additives in the indoor tanning lotions that you will be using to avoid any undesirable effects on your skin. The scent may also come into play as well as the consistency of the lotion, so always try out a sample on a patch of skin if possible, before buying the product.

Skin Type

Tanning already comes with its risk, so you need to be more aware of what the type of skin you have and what it needs to stay healthy. Going for a more hypoallergenic solution may be expensive, but it will be a worthwhile investment, much more so if you have skin sensitivities.

Sun Protection

Lastly, this is an attribute that leans more on the outdoor type of tanning lotion. However, there are a few lotions that include this additive, and this can come in handy if you have other places to go to after a sunbed tanning session. 

Sum Up

Choosing the perfect tanning lotion that suits well for you depends on you, your preference, and your skin type. Make sure that you try it out first on a small part of your body to ensure that you are not allergic or will not experience an adverse reaction from it.