How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in a Mattress

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Bedbugs are among the tiniest yet the most bothersome of all the pests that invade homes. They not only give people sleepless nights but are also known to cause skin allergies, among other effects. These tiny creatures typically hide in crevices and crawl out into clothes, bedding, and other places in the house. Unlike other pests like mice that are easier to spot, bedbugs can cause trouble for too long before you discover their hideout. They also use the tactic of hiding during the day and crawling out at night to wreak havoc. 

The majority of people prefer to hire professional bug exterminators to get rid of these creatures. Eliminating them can be quite tasking for regular people without the necessary training or equipment. New York dwellers can easily get help from bed bug exterminator NYC and many others. However, if you decide to deal with bedbugs by yourself, there are effective ways of doing so. The following are tips on how to get rid of bed bugs in a mattress:


This refers to the use of dry high heat steam to get rid of the bugs. High temperatures above 120 degrees are brought into contact with the bugs killing them immediately. This method is preferred to chemicals since it is not poisonous and also gets rid of allergens and bacteria. The only precaution is to make sure that you or others do not come into contact with the high heat steam. It can cause severe burns, so use it carefully. 

Mattress Bed
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If you handle the mattress and leave out the rest of the bedding, the problem will have been half-solved since the creatures will crawl back form he bedding to the mattress. Remove and wash your pillowcases, bed sheets, blankets, and the other bedding in clean hot water. If you are using a washing machine, use hot water and dry on the highest possible setting. Whatever cannot be washed should be put in the dryer to kill the bugs. 

Use Diatomaceous Earth

This is the use of a natural health supplement made from plankton or fossilized diatoms. It kills bed bugs by absorbing fats and oils from them hence drying them out. You apply it on the surface of your mattress. The mattress must be dry for the earth to work effectively. After application, you need to keep the mattress sealed for four to six weeks to destroy all the bugs and their eggs. 

Seal Your Mattress

After treating your mattress to all the methods mentioned above, you need to seal it and prevent the bed bugs from coming back. Use a tightly woven mattress protector to ensure that any remaining bug suffocates to death and prevent future invasions. 

Bed bugs may be tiny creatures, but handling them effectively can be quite a considerable task. If the processes of eradication are not correctly handled, the bugs may end up spreading to other parts of the house. Once you decide to get rid of them, do it right by following the tips above.