How to Buy Lingerie for Your Partner

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Buying your girlfriend or lover lingerie may have crossed your thoughts as a potential romantic treat. There are a lot of factors to think about while shopping for lingerie for your spouse, particularly if you don’t know their size or preference. Find out what to look for in lingerie set for your girlfriend with the help of our buying guide.

Get the Right Size

Sizing is critical when you’re looking to buy your girlfriend a present–especially when it comes to lingerie. An excellent tip for finding her correct size is by looking in her underwear drawer at the lingerie she already owns. Just look at the labels on her bras and panties to discover what size fit she is–remember, take note of both the band size and cup size on the bra. The number before (i.e., 34) is the band, while the following letter (i.e., C) is the cup.

Choose Her Favorite Style

When deciding on a new pair of lingerie to give as a gift to your girlfriend, consider the style of the set. Is it a color that your partner would wear? Would it suit her skin tone? Does it fit her overall taste? Again, looking through her wardrobe and current underwear will guide you in the right direction. 

If you’re still unsure where to start, it might be easier to lose the mystery and guarantee to get her something she’ll wear by asking the following questions: Thongs or briefs? Cotton, silk, or lace?

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Make it Match

Buying lingerie as a matching set will go a long way. The last thing a woman wants is two beautiful pieces of lingerie that she can’t wear together. Getting your partner a matching set will also impress her since you went to buy her both pieces. An underwear set looks excellent when buying it in-store since shop assistants usually wrap it up and make it look extra special!

Listen for Hints

You may not even need to consider many of the above questions since your partner might have dropped the type of lingerie she would love to be gifted into the conversation. The next time you’re shopping together, listen out for phrases like “Do you think this will look good on me?” and “I like that.” If you see her eyeing up a particular set but being hesitant to buy it herself, the easiest thing to do is get her that.

Buying your girlfriend lingerie requires some careful consideration. But taking into account these tips and getting inspired by what she already owns–and what she has also suggested she would like to–will ensure you get her matching bra and panties that she will love to put on.