How Your Office Colleagues Affect Your Eating Habits

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Most of us spend more than half of our day with our office colleagues. This means that we have more than two meals with our colleagues, and probably the other two with our family. Many of us don’t realize but eating with colleagues can work both ways – either healthy or totally unhealthy.

Peer Pressure to Eat More:

Sometimes when we are in the group, and we are following a strict diet, it becomes difficult to say no to different food offerings and team lunches that you may have to attend. Sometimes, people go under pressure from superiors and attend it forcefully. This, if done occasionally, is manageable. But, if it is frequent, it becomes a challenge for the individual to plan their diet. This, accompanied by coffee breaks that unnecessarily adds to the calories. Office parties are the other places where it becomes difficult to say no to calories when your colleagues want you to glug down on that beer.

Time for Lunch and 10 Different Options:

When you bring your lunch from home, the one thing that can save you from other unwanted calories is to plan your lunch either early or later than the actual time. This will save you from an obligation to go to lunch with your colleagues and have unnecessary calories. But, in real life, you don’t want to be the loner in office. Everyone wants to be accepted and lunch is one time when you get to interact socially with your peers. Hence, you should plan your visit with your peers and cite medical reasons for adopting a particular diet. This will help you to keep your diet in check and prevent you from accidentally hurting your peer’s feelings.

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Make the Best Pal to Keep a Check:

Everyone in the office has one best buddy. He or she is someone with whom you interact even out of office and have that Friday evening fun. If you have someone like this, then he or she is your best bet for keeping your diet in check to avoid any future health issues related to obesity such as diabetes, cardiovascular disorders or vein related issues. It helps you to lose weight together. Your buddy will make sure that you don’t choose anything out of your diet and will, in fact, make sure that you eat on time. This should be a mutual agreement for each other and would benefit both of you in the long run.

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Plan Walks During Breaks:

If you generally get a 45 minutes lunch break, then it becomes necessary that you spend at least 10 minutes to walk in the corridors or inside the office compound. This will help you get your daily routine exercise and keep your mind afresh in the workplace. Take your buddy along with you as mentioned above. Walks will help you keep a check on the sedentary office work style.


The office is a very important part of our daily routine. Hence, most of us who are planning a diet for losing those inches, need to keep in mind the external factors which affect your choices. We must remember one statement whenever we encounter such dilemmas – “Plan or be planned for”. If you don’t keep a diet plan fixed in your mind, your peers, loved ones, and colleagues will plan it for you.