How Men Can Benefit From Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal for Men

Grooming can be a real hassle: shaving and trimming daily is time-consuming, hair removal creams can cause rashes, and waxing is painful. So, you may have made your peace with excessive hair and the side effects that come with it. But, did you know that you don’t actually have to do that?

Laser hair removal is an excellent option to eliminate unwanted hair without the potential risk of razor burn, breakouts, or ingrown hair.

Contrary to popular belief, this procedure is not just meant for women. Men, too, can get lasered. Let’s dig into all there is to know about laser hair removal for men.

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

When you undergo laser hair removal, a concentrated light beam, or a laser, is targeted toward your hair follicles. The laser energy damages the hair follicle, which is responsible for producing hair.

Once this follicle is damaged, further hair growth is significantly hampered. With repeated laser sessions over time, growth can stop entirely, making this procedure a semi-permanent hair removal option.

Laser hair removal can be done on any body part: the face, neck, chest, armpits, arms, legs, back, stomach, and bikini area.

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What Are the Benefits of Laser Hair Removal?

Before you think of conducting a web search for “best laser hair removal for men near me” to book an appointment, you probably want to know whether laser hair removal is actually beneficial.

Here are some benefits of laser hair removal for men:

  • The procedure is extremely precise, which is especially important for sensitive areas.
  • It provides long-term hair removal, especially compared to waxing, shaving, threading, or tweezing.
  • It is mostly pain-free, quick, and does not create waste or mess, so there is no hassle involved compared to other hair removal methods.
  • It helps reduce body odor as there is less room for bacteria to grow or collect.
  • It is safe even for those with sensitive skin that does not react well to other hair removal methods.

Why Do Men Undergo Laser Hair Removal?

Since cosmetic-related procedures are often stereotyped as exclusively for women, you may be wondering why men have begun opting for laser hair removal. 

Here are some common reasons why this procedure is gaining popularity across all genders:

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Aesthetic Appeal

Some men have thick, long, and dense body hair that can be uncomfortable and challenging to groom diligently.

Most men opt for laser hair removal to thin out their body hair and make it finer and sparser. This often leads to a boost in confidence and aesthetic appeal.


Hair strands tend to accumulate sweat and can be breeding grounds for bacteria. This is often the primary cause of body odor and can lead to infections in extreme circumstances.

Laser hair removal helps get rid of unwanted hair all over the body, which can be highly beneficial in reducing unpleasant body odor and generally improving hygiene.

While the procedure is most common for the chest, back, and armpits, Brazilian laser hair removal for men is also a great option to enhance hygiene around the nether regions.

Easier Grooming

While laser hair removal is an excellent grooming procedure for the whole body, it’s especially effective for those who like having a bit of facial hair but don’t enjoy grooming it as much.

Facial laser hair removal minimizes the need for shaving and keeps a beard, mustache, or goatee looking neat and tidy by getting rid of the excess stray hair around it. This leads to a much more neat appearance that is very easy to maintain, without the need to spend too much time on upkeep.

And if you prefer a clean-shaven look, laser hair removal can certainly help you achieve that too. In fact, the effects will last much longer than if you use a trimmer or razor!

Also, laser hair removal does not risk cutting the skin or ingrown hair, making it ideal for facial grooming.

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What Is the Average Cost of Laser Hair Removal for Men?

Laser hair removal for men costs vary depending on these elements:

  • The clinic or specialist in question – their popularity or level of experience may lead to higher rates.
  • The location – salons or clinics in bustling cities often ask for higher prices than those in less busy, suburban areas.
  • The area you want lasered – think of it like a tattoo; the wider area you wish to cover, the higher the cost.
  • The density of hair – you may require more sessions if your hair is denser or thicker, which will lead to higher expenses.
  • The package or per session packages offered at your clinic of choice.

On average, individual treatment sessions can range between $50 and $800. 

How To Prepare for a Laser Hair Removal Session?

Before you head out for your laser hair removal session, there are some things you should keep in mind:

  • Shave the area within 24 hours of the appointment
  • Try to stay out of the sun as much as possible, and use SPF 50 sunscreen if you spend any time outdoors
  • Avoid going in a sauna, hot tub, or working out for 48 hours after the laser session
  • Don’t apply any creams or products to the area before your session

Conclusion: Is Laser Hair Removal the Right Solution?

Laser hair removal is an extremely popular procedure, and for a good reason. It is a very effective solution to get rid of unwanted hair, with a wide range of benefits. It is even well-suited for sensitive skin.

This procedure is only semi-permanent, which means that in time, sparse hair may grow back and require follow-up sessions. But over time, there will be a significant decrease in overall growth in the target area.

So, if you’re tired of wasting time and going through the hassle of grooming, laser hair removal for men is the perfect solution for you. 

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