H&M Heads Outdoors with Fall Explore Collection

September 14, 2022
H&M Outdoor Pants 2022 Daniel Hopwood Kyone Oak Tom Banks Model
Models Daniel Hopwood, Kyrone Oak, and Tom Banks wear H&M’s regular-fit lightweight outdoor pants. Photo: H&M

The newest collection from H&M has pieces that celebrate being outside in nature. The H&M Move line has introduced the Explore collection for the autumn season. The men’s assortment includes clothes designed to protect the wearer from the elements in preparation for an active excursion.

H&M Men Fall 2022 Tom Banks Model
Embracing style for the outdoors, Tom Banks showcases the latest men’s clothing and outerwear from H&M. Photo: H&M

H&M Men Explore Collection

The combination of StormMove jackets and breathable layers makes spending time outside a pleasure, regardless of the weather. H&M’s StormMove line of jackets is waterproof and offers protection from the wind and rain. In addition, they include modular elements like zip-off hoods and bottom sections for added versatility.

H&M Waterproof Shell Jacket Men 2022 Tom Banks Kyrone Oak Model
Tom Banks and Kyrone Oak model H&M’s regular-fit waterproof shell jacket. Photo: H&M

Insulated, lightweight, pillow-soft, and packable, H&M’s jackets are outdoors-proof. Meanwhile, having layers that can breathe makes braving the weather an easier task. Another advantage of the H&M Explore line is its ease of movement, achieved by pairing the various layers with the brand’s stretch pants.

H&M Lightweight Outdoor Jacket Blue Men Daniel Hopwood Model
All smiles, Daniel Hopwood wears an H&M regular-fit lightweight outdoor jacket in blue. Photo: H&M
H&M Waterproof Parka Men Fall 2022 Kyrone Oak Model
Kyrone Oak has peace of mind in H&M’s regular-fit waterproof parka. Photo: H&M