Is It Hard to Become a Good Writer?

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Writer – is an unusual and interesting profession. It seems that writers are the chosen people. In fact, anyone can write and publish a book today. Moreover, the book is not even required – you can create an electronic version and sell it online.

How to become a writer? First of all, the writer should have a humanitarian mindset and rich fantasy. It is impossible to come up with an artwork without bright imagination. You must know the rules of grammar, avoid syntax errors and, most importantly, be able turn the usual word into the word with poetic color or emotion with the help of synonyms, associations or corporate style.

It is widespread that the real writers aren’t made, they’re born, and the best school for the writer is life. However, even the brightest talent simply cannot approve itself without special skills and knowledge. You can get them at a specialized university faculty, short courses, through distance education or on your own – with the help of online resources and tutorials.

Although not all of them, to tell the truth, are cheap, for someone, such an investment in oneself can be the most convenient solution.

Eventually, many well-known writers decide to share the secrets of their skills. Such books are a great source of information, as well as Internet resources created by contemporary authors. Often, they contain a lot of paid or free materials devoted to the creation of artistic, scientific or technical text, the intricacies of work with publishing houses, sales and advertising of their own works.

How to become a good writer?

• First, to write a really interesting book, you need a talent, but not many have it. Do you have it? If yes, then try for sure!

• Secondly, understand that writing is not only fame, money and a sea of ​​fans. Yes, you probably will have all this. But many even very talented people remain unknown. However, even if you are destined to become a famous genius, it can happen not very soon. To begin you have to write, write and write again to become distinctive.

• Thirdly, you need to have at least some skills. It requires literacy, language skills, logical thinking, a developed imagination, and so on. Do you have all this?

Here is some advice on how to develop the skills to write well:

1. Start your own blog. First, you will be able to express your thoughts, secondly, you will receive constructive criticism and, thirdly, you will probably find first readers and even admirers.

2. Write letters. You can write to both familiar people and completely unfamiliar. The second option is preferable, because strangers will treat you impartially and will be able to evaluate your efforts objectively.

3. Keep a diary. Record in it all your thoughts, events of the past day, feelings and emotions, as well as the statements of others you liked and remembered, or the quotes heard or read somewhere.

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4. Learn to understand the essence of objects, things and events. For example, having seen some unfamiliar object or device, try to learn about it as much as possible, and in the smallest details.

5. Train your imagination. For example, seeing a person on the street or in public transport, think up his or her life. Mentally describe his or her home, imagine what his or her children, relatives could look like. By the way, this can be not only a kind of fitness for the imagination, but also a way to find heroes for your future books.

6. Catch inspiration and write when you have it. If it comes rarely (even geniuses have creative crises), then look for new sources. It can be interesting impressions and vivid emotions, communication with interesting people, delicious food, favorite music, a hobby and so on.

7. Learn to describe events, people and objects, readers love the details.

Many people forget that good handwriting also plays a role in the profession of writer. It is necessary to learn to write not only correctly from a grammatical point of view, but also fine and aesthetically.

Another requirement for the writer’s handwriting is intelligibility. It is necessary for your handwriting to be readable and the text should be easy to recognize and understand what exactly is written. Writer’s profession will be difficult to master if the handwriting provides certain limitations.

Writers are different: some write fiction, others – business books, and some – technical. If fiction is just a pleasure to spend time at leisure reading, then scientific and philosophical works, technical instructions, observations and recommendations of doctors, school textbooks – all this makes people think. Nowadays there is a great demand for academic writing jobs. Such authors have a higher education and are able to write texts on scientific subjects, are able to select clear and precise statements, logically build evidence base in their works, and saturate the text with factual information.

Content writers are also among the most popular professions for writers.

Who is the content writer? This is a specialist responsible for filling the web site, magazine, and newspaper with interesting and relevant materials – news, articles, and interviews.

To become a good content writer you should have the following skills:

• Journalistic education: it is necessary to distinguish news from an article, to know what press releases are, to be able to give information in a “tasty” way and write quickly.

• Basic knowledge of webmasters: HTML, CSS, to be able to work in popular engines (CMS), to be able to process and upload graphics, images, product photos to the site.

• Understand the theme of the site or publication in which you work as a content manager.

• Communication skills for work with creative people – to update the site.

If you dream of becoming a writer, then try to fulfill such a dream, because it is quite possible.