Gifts for Your Stylish, On the Go Buddies

Man with Backpack Mountains
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Everyone seems to have that friend that travels a lot and is always on the go. For the person that might be at home doing some research, what are the cutting-edge gift ideas that could be considered? Here are five gift suggestions to make life easier for the regular traveler.

The Ultimate Carry-All Backpack

Backpacks can feel incredibly liberating for the frequent traveler. If he packed just his bare essentials, after landing, he is free to go anywhere he wants to, straight from the airplane! This important accessory is really a must-have for any man on the move or any traveler alike. It’s also important to get a high-quality backpack to ensure its longevity; you don’t want to cut corners here cost-wise! For a long-lasting backpack, check out some leather styles. You can shop some amazing leather Italian backpacks from the Mirta website, which source their pieces from small artisans around Italy. Best part? These backpacks won’t break your budget!

Personalized Airpod Cases

There can be nothing more exciting for many than for them to see their name or initials on their own Airpod case. These cases are designed to protect the Airpods from damage during travel or any kind of movement. The frequent traveler can attach it to his key chain or his backpack as he moves around, or in some cases even to boots! Again, you may want to consider getting a leather engraved case or even something plastic; just make sure it’s waterproof!

Nike Air Force One Sneakers
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Nike Air Force One Sneakers

When on the go, comfy footwear is paramount! Years ago, Nike came out with the famous Air Force One sneakers and now is back with a punch thanks to their classic design, versatility, and comfort. Of course, when one is always on the move, sneakers are a must-have!

Aesop Shaving Products

Even men on the go gotta shave now and then! Thankfully, these days, there are many options for compact shaving kits for extra ease and to save space. The Aesop Moroccan Neroli Shaving Duet is a great option for him. It contains a shaving serum and an after-shave lotion for super hydration. Not to mention, these award-winning products are something he will for sure use for years to come. Each item is under 3.4 ounces in weight, making it airplane friendly!

All in all, buying unique gifts for the frequent traveler can be made easy if the shopper has useful information on new and cool gadgets (because who doesn’t like new and cool things?!). When buying gifts for your on-the-go friend, you’ve got to think about the mode of transportation to be used, how long the person will be gone for, etc. Knowing what type of traveler he is can be useful – is he a backpacker or a suitcase carrier? Is he traveling for work or fun? Knowing all these will help the consumer in their quest to find the perfect and unique gift for their frequent traveling friend.