Fitness Fashion: Helping You Look the Part on the Volleyball Court

Man Playing Volleyball
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As a man, you may feel a certain amount of pressure to partake in exercise and keep your body fit and healthy. However, not all men enjoy lifting weights at the gym. If you are rather passionate about playing volleyball, either on a court or at the beach, you may want to continue pursuing this sport. At the same time, you may also want to think about ways to look your best, especially when some of these fashion choices could also help to improve your game.

Choosing the Right Footwear

While you may usually wear a simple pair of sneakers for your games, these may limit how well you can play. A good quality pair of mens volleyball sneakers may give you that much more traction, which can be important when you need to dart around the court without slipping. This high level of traction may also be imperative when you need to jump and help you land safely, reducing the risk of sliding and hurting yourself. 

These can come in several colors and patterns, so you could opt to purchase a pair in your team colors or choose a shade you often wear. Likewise, the price of volleyball sneakers can vary quite dramatically. A casual player may want to go for a cheaper option, while playing on a team may mean you need to increase your budget a little.

Men Playing Beach Volleyball
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Consider Fabrics

You may want to wear shorts and a loose-fitting top while playing, as you may begin to sweat quite quickly, especially during hot weather. However, it can be a good idea to think about the fabric used in your sportswear and the cut and overall design. Different materials can react differently and may be better suited to other sports. When playing volleyball, it may be a good idea to consider shorts or sleeveless vests made with nylon, as these may be breathable, stretch with your movements, and even resistant to mildew that can be caused by dampness.

Protect Your Eyes

Fashion can be about both appearance and purpose. When playing volleyball on the beach, you may gain enjoyment from the sunlight. However, this can cause several problems. Firstly, the UV rays could cause significant damage to your eyes. Secondly, harsh sunlight could limit your vision and therefore affect play. 

Wearing a good-quality pair of volleyball sunglasses with UV protection could greatly aid these issues. These may also come in varied designs, allowing you to coordinate your outfit better. When how you look is quite important to you, you may not want to play volleyball while looking unkempt, even when sweat begins to show. Considering both the necessities to be able to play at your best and the styles and designs that best suit you, you can make some outfit choices that work.