Find Out Everything About Your Birthstone Before Going Jewelry Shopping

Photo Credit: Deposit Photos

Lots of myths and legends have much to say about gemstones. These beautiful stones are unique because they come in different colors, and they each have a significant meaning behind them. So if you are thinking of treating yourself with a beautiful necklace, or getting it for someone else, why not get one with your birthstone?


Also known as the June birthstone, it a beautiful color changing gem that switches from greenish blue to tones of red. Alexandrite represents creativity and innovation and is said to be your little muse.


This February birthstone comes in the color purple and is also very affordable. According to ancient Greek legends, this stone will keep all kinds of evil away from you, so you stay with a clear head.


The March birthstone is self-explanatory with its name. Non-surprisingly, its color is a very saturated blue that will remind you of the sea itself. The stone is said to be the embodiment of eternal life and love, making it a great gift to give to your loved ones.


Diamonds are a girl’s best friends, and they are also the birthstone of April. This beautiful stone will never lose its luster no matter how many years go by. It represents timelessness and infinite love, which is it is the most popular choice for an engagement ring.


Emeralds are the May birthstone, and it is in the color green which represents the coming of Spring. According to some myths, it also assists in fertility. The stone is also said to signify eternal youth. This could be great for someone who loves to surrounded by nature.


This January birthstone is a gorgeous rainbow of different colors. The colors will range from deep reds to vibrant greens. According to some ancient legends, this stone is supposed to protect you from the evils that prevail in the night time. It is a very luxurious looking stone, making it fit for a queen.


The October birthstone is also known as the Queen of Gems because it holds the colors of all the other gems. This stone will satisfy almost everyone because it essentially has every color that anyone would like. In a piece of jewelry such as a necklace or ring, this could a very bold fashion statement.


The June birthstone, also known as the tears of gods, are also an ever loved stone that never seems to go out of fashion. They also come in a lot of different colors such as black and rosy pink. These are one of the stones that could be worn every day without making too much of a statement. So a pearl necklace will be perfect for someone who is minimalistic about their fashion choices.


Sapphire is the September birthstone, and they too come in lots of different colors. It is also said to be the ultimate blue gem, making it the second favorite choice for engagement rings.