Fashion Styles You Can Find in Gambling Movies

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Gambling movies are best-known for casinos and games gamblers play. But, there is one more story. Gambling movies are also known for certain fashion styles that appear in them. There are almost countless options, but we have selected a few main ones to explain. Four fashion styles are mandatory to explain, and all of these have been featured in various gambling movies.


The first and most common style is elegant. You can see that almost all gamblers in almost all gambling movies come to the casino in a tuxedo and nice shoes. This is so common that it can be almost seen in all movies of this kind. Keep in mind that there is a similarity here with real gambling in the real world. Also, there are many stylish European online casinos at where you can fill the atmosphere and have a great experience. Most luxury casinos will have a dress code. It means that you must dress properly if you want to enter and play games. This is especially common in Europe, Las Vegas, and similar places around the globe. Add the fact high rollers always come well-dressed, and you can see why this fashion style is the first one here.

Some of the movies where you can see this fashion style include Ocean’s 11, 12, and 13. Of course, this is just one of many examples. An interesting fact is that this fashion style tells something about you. You will prefer smart and wise gambling, and you will likely use various strategies.

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Gangster Style

The second fashion style we must explain is gangster style. You can see that some gambling movies feature gangsters. Some of them will be located in the 20s and 30s while others will be new. The best example is the Casino movie filmed back in 1995. It is set in the 70s but follows gangsters and has been more than just popular. This is one of the movies you can see on all the lists of the type. There are so many variations, but it all comes to a well-known and common style at the end of the day. Usually, this style is followed by the last fashion style on our list, something we will discuss later on.

For most viewers, these movies are the best. They feature gambling, elegant casinos, thrilling actions, and so much more. In a nutshell, these are creations you will want to watch. Sadly, there are not as many options as with the first fashion style on the list.

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Rock Star

It is not as common as other fashion styles on the list, but it can still be seen in some movies. Here we have a rock star fashion style that usually involves a leather jacket, even leather pants, and high-end shoes. These players bet big, and they like poker rooms where they can gamble with high rollers. Add cigarettes and elegant music, and you can deduce how and what to expect in these movies.

Sadly, there are not a lot of movies in this case scenario. These are still rare, but you will have a great time if you can find a couple of them. One advantage is the fact some movies offer a combination of gambling and music. If you like music and related movies, you will like this type.

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This is the variation of the first style on our list. It refers to men and women. The major difference is in the details. To be sensual, you need to pay close attention to all the pieces of clothing and accessories you can wear. Keep in mind that this style is prevalent and popular. It can be seen in almost 99.9% of gambling movies, and it will be featured as long as possible.

One fact here is that players who are dressed to look sensual and elegant will bet a lot, and they will seek attention. Yes, you can see this in almost all of the movies.


These fashion styles are the most common and can be seen in almost all gambling movies. Actors dress like this to make gambling more realistic and give you more details about its looks and what it offers. You can see the same types of featured art in many real-world casinos.