Everything You Need to Know About Moissanite Engagement Rings

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A new century heralds many new things that are symbolic of our time. The 21st century has brought so many advancements in every area of our life, from technology to lifestyle. Now, so many people in the business sector are working remotely—which adds another layer of interest to working and shopping. One important thing we’ve discovered is that people are much more interested in shopping online for big-ticket items like engagement rings and bridal jewelry than at any other time in history.

Traditionally, diamonds are the go-to stone for all bridal jewelry, both for men and women. Whether it’s a diamond engagement ring, the woman’s wedding band, or even the man’s wedding band, we’re used to having diamonds for their beauty, durability, and rarity—just like the traits of true love that we cherish.

So, fortunately for today’s shopper, there are many newer options to consider for that important ring. Many gorgeous diamond alternates are available to consumers now, and each one has something of value to offer the bride and groom. Moissanite Engagement rings provide some of the most luxurious options for a spectacular engagement ring and wedding ring set.

Moissanite is a sumptuous diamond alternative enjoying tremendous popularity with modern couples when they search for their bridal jewelry. A few reasons keep moissanite engagement rings so very much in demand. First of all, it’s the stone itself. Moissanite is known as another diamond-like option, but let’s look a bit deeper. Moissanite engagement rings are a created diamond alternative that actually has the top characteristics people love about earth mined diamonds.

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Earth mined diamonds are rare, very durable, and of course, beautiful. While created, Moissanite is also one of the more glamourous gemstones of choice for bridal jewelry. Added to that, the moissanite stone is extremely durable, with a Mohs hardness rating very close to that of a diamond. Diamonds rank 10 on the Mohs scale, and moissanite comes in close at 9.25. In a nutshell, your moissanite engagement ring will last a lifetime and give you decades of beautiful enjoyment.

Today, a brief overview of moissanite engagement rings will show consumers that the high-end designer ring styles they have come to expect with diamond rings are also available in a luxury Moissanite line.

Think about the shape of the central stone you prefer. You’ll be delighted that moissanite is found in all the most popular diamond shapes that shoppers demand. Moissanite is cut into a round brilliant, pear-shaped, oval, Asscher, emerald cut, radiant, and more—anything you are looking for can be found in the moissanite line. With carat sizes from delicately petite up to celebrity-sized, you’ll be sure to find the perfect moissanite you’ve dreamed of.

But what’s a beautiful stone without the latest couture setting that you also want? You can select moissanite engagement rings in a modern halo setting, a solitaire, and everything in between. You know what you want, and a vast array of the latest styles in precious metals means that you don’t have to settle. The only thing you’ll discover is that there are so lovely many choices, it will be hard to pick just one.

Moissanite Engagement Rings
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Did you know that not all moissanite is created equal? We carefully hand-select each stone for its superior quality and outstanding manufacture. We look at each stone’s cut to select only those whose polish is deemed excellent. That way, every stone is sure to sparkle even more amazing than a diamond. From the moissanite stone to its manufacture, quality counts all the way to the gold setting that it’s placed in.

You can start by deciding which center stone is your preference and then look through all the ring styles to find the perfect moissanite engagement ring to cherish for a lifetime. Browse through the wide collection of couture designs, and you might fall in love with moissanite for a lifetime.

It could very well be that a moissanite engagement ring is what you always had in mind for that forever ring—but you didn’t know it until you looked at them carefully. Best of all, when you finally select the moissanite engagement ring you want, you’ll be happily surprised at its affordability. Compared with the same size and quality of a diamond—you’ll marvel at the modest price points. It’s one more benefit of buying moissanite when it’s time to choose your engagement ring. Happy shopping!