ErgoStool from Autonomous: It’s an Office Chair Without Wheels

ErgoStool from Autonomous: It's an Office Chair Without Wheels

Today, everyone likes to be comfortable and more at ease while sitting. Ergostool Autonomous easily meets the modern demands of seating with comfort and style. The stylish chair enables you to have a little fun with an everyday essential while sitting as nature intended.

The chair’s bold and fashionable design gives you the chance to enjoy comfortable sitting for several years to come. You can use it for the office, school, or even a healthcare facility. The chair can easily meet all your needs.

This chair especially offers benefits when you need to sit in front of a computer desk or study table. It’s highly useful thanks to its compact size and shape. Therefore, there are many fun opportunities to explore with this ergo stool.

The stool also deals with plenty of health benefits. You can work on strengthening your posture thanks to the gentle quake of the ergo-stool autonomous. Once you get comfortable, it’s easy to sit on the stool for many hours.

ErgoStool from Autonomous: It's an Office Chair Without Wheels

While the idea of working on your posture and keeping a stiff back may sound uncomfortable, it’s actually not. This dynamic sitting arrangement helps you with your natural posture. Therefore, you can change your posture as frequently as you wish.

Another highlight of the ergo-stool autonomous is its weighted and robust base. It adequately grips most floor surfaces. This fact is important so that you can adjust yourself in your seat without shifting your table or desk. It also allows you to utilize its sit-stand option.

The chair helps with blood circulation as well. You receive adequate circulation to your legs and forelimbs due to the stool properly balancing your frame.

In case you’re still on the fence about the ergostool, here are some important facts:

Traits of the Ergostool

  • Varied height options for greater comfort
  • Contains the valuable slope
  • Secure strong base
  • Main exterior shell with attractive color
  • Endow with high-pressure pneumatic 250 mm
  • Includes height-adjustable gas spring
  • Latest Style of Sitting

    These days, the majority of professionals require advanced seating for optimal performance. For multitasking jobs, you need to be the most vigorous for dynamic movements to fulfill your significant task.

    Luckily, the Ergosterol is the perfect option to sit down and take the weight off your feet. Furthermore, it provides you with the most balanced and stable fit when working at a table. Also, it gives you a quick and easy break for the full range of a shift.

    ErgoStool from Autonomous: It's an Office Chair Without Wheels


    The precise stability of the seat makes it possible to provide a natural toning of your muscle. Hence, the stool keeps you energetic and bouncy.

    Empowerment of the proper posture keeps back pain and disc degradation at bay. As you become accustomed to sitting on a chair with no back and wheels, you begin to build up the power of your core and back. In this way, your posture improves naturally. Just remember–with its 10-inch height range, the stool is highly adjustable.

    Comfortable Cushion

    With its comfortable cushion, you may enjoy sitting while wobbling. Being free of a defined chair posture, you can work more freely in the surrounding environment. Moreso, you can work more proficiently with the stool’s straight posture setting.

    Strong & Solid Base

    The chair’s fixed base is more than that of a useful pedestal. Moreover, it helps to focus on one’s direction as for how it pertains to a desk or table. Similarly, it also helps to lessen the feelings of fatigue and stress. In the absence of the right base, you can not have the benefits of the proper seat. No doubt, this excellent feature of office chairs like Ergostool make them more popular.


    If you have a small working area, this stool is even a better fit for your lifestyle. Now, this iconic stylish ergo seat can add to your interior’s look as well as enhance the production within the tiny vicinity.

    As far as its construction is concerned, it’s modern but straightforward. With its massive firm base, it stands up to the rigidity and durability requirements of everyday seating. Its excellent position of the footrest makes the chair unique and invaluable as well. With its gas spring setting, you can get to work on complex tasks, while still keeping your cool.


    Being ergonomic, the stool reduces strain on your knees by using the inclination mode. It can result in a remarkable decrease in nervous tension on the knee joints as little effort is needed to transition between kneeling and standing upright. Moreso, the transition between positions requires distinctly less effort than going up from the customary chair.

    Providentially, it encourages core muscle maintenance. The continuous seating pattern permits the core muscles the ability to relax and become fully lazy. The semi-standing or leaning posture with the stool allows you to flex and lighten up the muscles of the back and core.  In this way, it helps to keep the muscle tone in those muscle groups without much work.


    Perhaps, the best aspect of the stool is its affordable price. It’s not going break the bank and a great price of $89.


    Look forward to sitting naturally with the Ergo-stool! Keep in mind that the lively sit wakes up your body. Relax and take the pleasure of having the freedom to break from the grips of traditional seating. You can look after your core muscles, keep your backbone flexible, perk up your circulation, and relieve your breathing. Ergostool supports your body and stirs up your mind.