8 Holiday Gift Ideas Your Man Won’t Expect

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When the days get shorter and the weather cools down, that can only mean one thing: it’s time to buy some stuff. Is that the meaning of the holiday season? Well, no, but things are cool, and we like the excuse to acquire more of it. 

If you’re stuck wondering how to shop for your man, you’re probably overthinking it. Seriously, guys are less complicated than some people seem to think. If you’re still stuck, though, we have you covered.

What to Keep in Mind When Shopping

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Would He Buy It for Himself?

The best gifts are things someone likes but would never buy for himself. Many men are frugal like that, which can be inconvenient at times, but makes the holiday season a little bit simpler. Would he replace his worn-out ring with a new classic men’s wedding band? He probably wouldn’t, but you sure can. Does he have his eye on a piece of tech that he would never spend the money on? The same rules apply. Get the idea? It’s pretty simple.

Will He Use It?

Look, there’s nothing worse than getting a gift you won’t use. It’s always something sweet and well-intentioned, but it puts you in a bind. Especially if your guy is that stereotypical pragmatic man, make sure he’ll use it. If it’s something sentimental, that’s a whole different playbook. If it’s something practical, make sure it’s useful.

Is There Anything He’s Mentioned?

Guys are often seen as relatively easy to shop for. Is that true, though? Maybe. Maybe not, though. Think hard here. Has he mentioned something? Even just in passing? Something related to his hobby? You might be with a stereotypical dude who “doesn’t need anything,” but chances are there’s something he wants.

Holiday Gift Ideas

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1. Something for His Hobby 

This one is tough, especially if you need to become more familiar with his hobby. If you know enough about it, you can get him something. If you need to learn about it, do some digging. If you can learn about the thing he’s into and buy him a practical present without him knowing, that’s sure to be a surprise and a hit all in one.

2. Food 

Sure, there are all those fun holiday food assortments, but those could be more interesting. They’re pleasant but could be more exciting. It’s 2022. You can buy anything online. That might only be great for the shopaholics with restraint, but it operates in your favor. You can buy some wild culinary holiday assortments for your man. Jerky flowers, anyone?

3. Tech

This is a high-risk, high-reward scenario — even beyond buying something for his hobby. This can be a massive win if you know what you’re doing (or he’s mentioned it explicitly). If not, though, well, yikes. If you know enough to roll the dice, go for it. Replace that laptop he’s had since Obama’s first term. Just don’t go crazy and spend irresponsibly. The last thing he wants for Christmas is credit card debt.

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4. Underwear 

Sure, it’s the ultimate holiday cliché, along with its uninspired cousin, socks. However, a good pair of underwear is life-changing. We aren’t exaggerating here. Okay, maybe a little. However, high-quality underwear is a game changer. Is he still wearing those cotton briefs in a pack of eight? It’s time for an upgrade. If something goes in the category of “he’d love it but wouldn’t buy it for himself,” it’s luxurious boxers.

5. Outdoor Gear

Fun outdoor gear is always a good choice for the man who loves the woods. If he wants you to go camping with him and you’re not into it, buy yourself some outdoor gear. Yeah, it’s technically a present for you, but the real gift is you going camping with him. It’s the thought that counts!

6. Alcohol

You can’t go wrong here. Okay, you can. You definitely can. However, if there’s a bottle of something he likes (or wants but hasn’t had), this is an easy present that always is well-received.

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7. Something Sentimental

This is up for interpretation, but sentimentality is always a great gift. It takes some planning, but maybe grab a keepsake on a trip without him knowing. Bank that thing for December and wrap it up. Boom, surprise. 

8. Secondary Ring

We talked earlier about a replacement ring, but there are other options. Something more durable for day-to-day wear? There are tons of types of men’s wedding bands to choose from, so expand your search. If he works a physical job, a silicone ring is always helpful.

Something from the Heart

At the end of it all, it was always about the thought and intention anyway. Don’t get us wrong — things are amazing. However, your gift will always land well if it’s given with idea and purpose.