Dior Men’s California Couture Takes the Spotlight for VMAN

Photos by Leon Mark
Styling by Roberto Piu
Dior Men Spring 2023 VMAN Editorial Joshua Thompson Model
Joshua Thompson wears a red and tartan Dior Men look. Photo: Leon Mark / VMAN

It’s a Dior extravaganza for VMAN’s most recent issue. Dior Men steals the show with a look at its spring 2023 capsule collection. Eli Russell Linnetz of ERL fame is a guest designer for the exclusive range. Linnetz lends the French fashion house a taste of “California Couture” for the current season. 

Dior Men Spring 2023 VMAN Editorial Douta Sidibe Model
Douta Sidibe models Dior Men for VMAN. Photo: Leon Mark / VMAN

“We have worked with lots of different people on our collections, but this time I wanted to work with someone in a different way; I wanted somebody to see Dior from a different angle,” explains Dior Men creative director Kim Jones

Dior Men Spring 2023 VMAN Editorial Rayan Mazuel Model
Rayan Mazuel showcases accessories from Dior Men. Photo: Leon Mark / VMAN

Kim Jones explains, “With Eli Russell Linnetz, not only do I like his work but working with a younger designer on Dior Men and seeing things from his perspective, felt incredibly inspiring. It was both familiar and revelatory; reaffirming why we both dreamed about working in fashion in the first place.”

Dior Men Spring 2023 VMAN Editorial Joshua Thompson
Model Joshua Thompson goes casual in a Dior Men ensemble. Photo: Leon Mark / VMAN

Dior’s strong tailored heritage converges with a California cool associated with Los Angeles for spring. Photographer Leon Mark does an outstanding job of capturing the collection’s spirit for the pages of VMAN

VMAN Dior Men Spring 2023 Editorial Saul Symon Model
Saul Symon sports a Dior Men look for VMAN’s pages. Photo: Leon Mark / VMAN

The playful designs of the Dior Men spring 2023 capsule collection take shape around models Joshua ThompsonDouta SidibeRayan Mazuel, and Saul Symon. Meanwhile, Roberto Piu looks after styling for the VMAN fashion shoot.

Dior Men Spring 2023 Capsule Collection

Grooming by Alexander Soltermann
Production by Alix Civit
Casting by Martin Franck

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