3 Easy Steps To Create A Fashionable Rope Lamp

Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay

Rope lamps are the best way to cover up the expensive yet worn out lamps present in your house waiting to be dealt with. Creating a rope lamp can be a fun thing to do in your house and the added advantage is that you get a reusable lamper to install in your house. Rope lamps are basically lamps having a base covered in rope or jute. The lampshades are either replaced with new ones or kept as it is in newly crafted rope lamps. Here are 3 simple steps to DIY a fashionable rope lamp in less than one hour in your home:

Pick a gross looking lamp:

All of the houses have a cheap lamp which is waiting to be either thrown out or reused. Whether you have a $10 lamp you scored from a local store or a decade’s old expensive lamp which has lost its look because of wear and tear, either of these lamps can be reused to make rope lamps. Generally, lamps with significant curvatures are better than the flat or round ones. The benefit of curved lamps over round or flat ones is that the curvatures give a better outlook of the rope once you stick it on the lamp base.

Gather the supplies:

The next thing to do after selection of an old, gross looking lamp is to gather all the supplies needed for making a fashionable rope lamp. You will need to gather the following supplies prior to starting the project:

4 ply jute rope:

A considerable length of 4 ply jute will work as our rope in this rope lamp project. You can find rolls of a considerable length of jute from local hardware stores. Make sure that the jute is dry so that it can stick well on the surface of the lamp. The thickness of 4 ply jute gives a good outlook for the lamp, however; you can also go for a 3 ply or 3 ply thicknesses.


Glue is needed to stick the rope on the lamp surface. You can use tacky glue found at local hardware stores for this purpose. Make sure that the glue is neither too thick nor too thin otherwise it will fail to hold the rope properly.

Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay

Cleaning brush:

A cleaning brush is needed to clear the surface of the lamp from any dirt or debris prior to sticking rope on it.


Gloves ensure your personal cleanliness and prevent from creating a mess.

Wrapping and gluing:

Start from one end of the lamp, which you think is hard. Add a generous amount of glue and stick one end of the rope on it. Hold it in this position and press it for 1 minute.
Now apply glue in a circular path all over the surface of the lamps and continue with wrapping the rope around the surface of the lamp.
Secure the other end of the lamp with a generous amount of glue so that the ends can easily blend in with the rest of the rope.