How To Keep Your Dating Game Strong in 2019: The Ultimate Guide for Men

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Dating; is one word that gives almost everyone jitters. And why wouldn’t it? The old saying goes there is plenty of fish in the sea? But where is your fish? Do you even want a full-time fish? Another famous saying is one has to kiss many frogs until you meet the perfect princess (or whatever gender preference you may have)?

Dating is the means to meet your soul mate ultimately, to find a company or just kill time? Find a mindful connection or plainly fufill sexual yearnings? And some prefer to use dating as a mean to indulge in casual sex.

So is dating a game? Psychiatrists argue it is a challenge hence can be considered a game. Why? Because if it is hit right; you are perhaps the luckiest man and if it is a miss well one can always blame your bad timing.

Dating isn’t marriage, so there are no expectations attached to it.

It is an experience. It can be, whatever you want it to be. The perfect date; the ones we read about or watch in the movies. The nightmare incidents which one so desperately wants to forget, The horrible decisions made last night which will result in the walk of shame the next morning or the mere flings which in some way to teach us a lesson or two and make great stories for later.

It’s easy to assume that only women need to be tactile when it comes to the dating; shall we call it a battlefield? So Mr Warrior men of today don’t worry studies conducted have you covered.

1) Experts at Click Pharmacy urge men to be confident, seems simple; it is the utter faith that you can make anything happen. Various studies over the years have concluded confidence is the key to becoming more attractive, unique perhaps. Confidence is sexy. It allows you to take the first step, to be in control. To charm your respective other, and be expressive of your true self. It will enable you to embrace opportunities and win the partner of your dreams or desires. Push yourself to display your strongest qualities, learn to become comfortable with who you indeed are.  Remember all chances not taken are opportunities lost anyways.

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2) Going after what you want is all well and good, but you need to spark an interest. Leave an ambiguity behind. So the other person wants to explore more, the trick is to give enough to get them hooked, but you are still the one pulling the ropes. Mystery ignites a relationship, and it is also a knock on the door you can’t ignore, and in dating, you have the time to peel of layers one by one. To master the art of dating be vague yet direct, be flirtatious and charming; this can be through intense eye contact, your smile or just the simplest of gestures. And if you do end up indulging in a more in-depth conversation brush of your partner slightly whether it be to move their hair or caress the arm. Such signals show what your intentions are towards them. Compliment your partner appropriately, which are specifically for them, pay attention to the little details. Avoid being too sexual if you want to see them again. This shows seriousness and thoughtfulness.

All in all when a woman walks away from an encounter with you every hair on her body should be raised, in a good way.

Men everywhere need to remind themselves that the word ‘chase’ which is so easily discarded is REAL. The chase is what keeps the wheel of dating turning. It is the fundamental catalyst, which fuels the dating circuit.

3) Relation experts stress on deciding the platform you intend to use to date, instead of being on 54387 dating sites, choose your websites, update your profiles regularly. Whether it is photos or a list of your interests. A picture from 5 years ago is doing justice to no one.

You might choose to walk Starbucks; while you grab your daily coffee fix and maybe you will meet someone, an encounter at the bar? Asking your friend to make sure his girlfriend or boyfriend brings a friend or the good old magical way of leaving it on fate. But have direction, don’t get lost in today’s digital gadgets and forget there is a real world out there. Keep an open mind, and you will attract what is best for you.

4) Be a gentleman, how uncomplicated. Chivalry has an unexplained charm. Experts state it is the smallest of things, from exquisite hygiene to dressing well, know how to behave in public, be kind and respectful. Learn to listen, give the other person a chance for more. Who knew opening doors, pulling out her chair and just showing up on time, can show consideration and the importance you put into the date. Don’t talk down to anyone.

5) Plan your dates; Not disclosing everything to your partner. Maybe the minimum ex. Avoid heels it’s mini golf time. The element of surprise makes everything light-hearted and shows the effort you made. Fun activities partners can do together take the pressure off the couple. It allows you to explore one another without the added drama.

You are worth the effort, and if you put it in, it will surely be reciprocated.

Dating takes the pressure off things; it is like Tinder but in reality. It allows you to dabble enough with an individual to see if you are compatible or not. In hunting for the one, don’t lose who you are. It is just dating at the end of the day, not matrimony that you are bound by till your very last breath. So take it easy, and relish in it. Have fun with it, Love yourself and love will find you.