What Your Date Thinks When You Show Up Wearing Workout Clothes

Black Man in Workout Clothes Running on Bridge
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There are a lot of different outfits that you can wear while you are out on a date. From high fashion to jeans and a shirt, there is something to be said about everything. What happens when you show up on a date while wearing your exercise clothes? We’re going to take you inside the mind of a woman or man that sees you coming out while wearing the clothes you wear to the gym.

You Aren’t Taking This Date Seriously

The first thing that your date is going to think is that you are not taking the date seriously. If you were serious, you might have worn something to cover up that tuft of chest hair that is poking up through your cutoff shirt. While you might have a decent body and want to show that off, it’s usually a good idea to put your best foot forward for a date instead of flexing for a guy or girl. The bottom line is that the first impression for your date just sunk a bit.

Is This Just a Hookup?

Another thing that is going to run through your date’s mind is about whether this is just a hookup. While an LA hookup is nothing to blink at, you might have mixed up the lines of communication because you date was sure you were having dinner, not sprinting to the bedroom. In other words, don’t be surprised if your date has to ask the uncomfortable question of “what do you have in mind for tonight?”

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Your Poor Fashion Choices Will Appear in Other Areas

Have you ever seen the episodes of tv where the groom comes out wearing a camouflage tuxedo with the sleeves cut off? That is what is playing through your date’s mind when you show up wearing workout clothes to a date. Every date likes to imagine the future with the person sitting across from them, and you are basically giving them visions of the apocalypse when you show up and you aren’t dressed very well. Meeting the parents, meeting friends, and showing you off around town are all major events and you need to look good for them!

Show Me You Know How to Dress

Don’t be surprised if the first thing your date does is ask you for a social media following. They might like you, and they desperately want to see that you know that more appropriate clothes are available and that you know how to wear them. Now, we are going to give you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe you forgot about your date that day and had to run out in whatever you had on. Maybe you lost all your clothes. Whatever the reason is, if you do get another date there is one simple thing that you need to do: show your date that you know how to dress. It’s simpler than it sounds; just pick something out of your wardrobe that shows you can dress better than a teenager and it will be fine!

It’s never a good idea to show up to a real date in workout clothes. Unless the two of you have set up a date that involves jogging or doing something sporty, you need to leave these clothes in the closet. Even if you need to take a few minutes to change in the bathroom like Superman, you should find a way to look presentable. Skip this faux pas the next time you go out on a date and you won’t have to wonder what is on their mind when you’re ordering dinner in a sleeveless shirt.