Are Couture Wedding Dresses Forms of Art?

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Every year in the U.S., there are more than two million weddings. That means a lot of brides all trying to find dresses they’ve dreamed of their whole lives. The demand for trendy and well-crafted weddings dresses is high, the costs for these gowns are also growing. For the best quality wedding gowns that are custom made and use expensive materials, you could be paying thousands of dollars. For some brides, that means getting a couture wedding gown. The work and execution that these gowns needs certainly makes them an art form. Rarely do people give couture gowns and wedding dress designers the credit they deserve.

History of haute couture

Haute couture designs first started in Paris in the 17th century by Charles Fredrick Worth, who is considered to be the father of haute couture. Intended for high society women and royalty, these dresses were presented during a show. Women could then choose the design they preferred and have it custom made to fit their measurements. This created a unique and luxurious way for women to get stunning, high-quality gowns.

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The number of couture houses has significantly dropped over time due to the costs associated with creating haute couture. Even houses today that still create haute couture clothing aren’t able to make much of a profit off of it. Today, a majority of dresses aren’t meant to be bought, but to be shown in fashion shows. Haute couture is often displayed in museums as well, as their meant to be enjoyed in the same way as any other form of art.

What counts at haute couture?

The term haute couture gets thrown around often. Most people call any avant-garde and expensive clothing haute couture, but it’s more than just that. Haute couture is a legal term and few designers are able to call themselves haute couture designers. The Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture in Paris has been regulating who can classify themselves as haute couture since 1868. To be on the list of haute couture houses, you must meet a few requirements. This includes designing made-to-order clothing that need at least one fitting, a workshop in Paris with at least 15 full-time employees, in addition to at least 20 technical employees. Going back to the work by Charles Fredrick Worth, you also must have two fashion shows with at least 50 pieces of day and night attire.

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Many pieces of couture clothing take at least 100 hours to complete, often they require more than that. Every effort that goes into creating a couture wedding dress is an artwork. Designing the concept of a gown and sketching require a high level of creativity. Seamstresses who sew the dress together must have an extremely advanced level of talent to achieve the quality a couture dress needs. Even the fabric used in the dresses requires artistic ability to make. Seeing a bride in the final product is enough to understand that couture wedding gowns are an exceptional form of art.