Understanding the Opinion and How to Express It


People use language in the form of various types of text that differ in structure and function. An essay is a type of paper that puts the author’s opinion on a real topic, and it does not stop there. Each essay has a persuasive purpose to lead the reader to agree with the author’s opinion or idea. The opinion has the function of making others understand their own position on a matter. These texts may take the form of a letter to the editor, a commentary, a request or complaint or a suggestion. In this guide, you will find explanations, templates, and tips for creating a successful opinion.

An opinion does not always have to be in writing, but can also be expressed as an oral presentation. However, one speaks then of a statement or expression within discussions and debates.

Write an opinion: That’s what matters

In school lessons; the writing of statements in preparation for preparing discussions (arguments) is practiced. An opinion is not just about expressing one’s opinion, but this opinion must also be supported by arguments. That means in the first step; a thesis must be found – the opinion of a fact – which is then supported argumentatively, so that others are convinced of the position. As with any communication, there is also a sender and a recipient. In order to find the most valid reasoning, it is important to keep track of who you want to address to the text visit here https://writemyessayonline.com/ .

An opinion should convince and, depending on what it is about, this can be done above all with good rhetoric or with factually convincing arguments. Basically, the following preparatory steps are useful:
1. Why should you take a stand? An incident or other text must first be thoroughly penetrated in order to get to the heart of the matter as much as possible. What arguments does the text or the discussion call? Find all the arguments and positions you can find about the matter.
2. Gather information around the question or thesis – the famous W-questions can help: What, who, where, when, and why? For example, “who is the one can write my essay for me?
3. Now your opinion is asked: What are your arguments for or against the initial thesis? Sort these arguments by their weight.
4. Own experiences: They are not an argument in the true sense, but can help in the conclusion to substantiate your thesis accordingly or to weaken opposing positions.

Write Opinion

Opinions do not have to follow a clear, prescribed pattern, but they should, as any essay, have as a basic structure an introduction, a body and a conclusion. One of the possible approaches is described below, but there is still much room for the personal, creative design of the text.


    •What is the theme? What is the position for? Example: In US schools, a mobile phone ban should be introduced.
    • Who takes position? Example: I, as a student of a high school …
    • What is your opinion, position, thesis on the problem presented? Example: I consider it impossible that a complete ban on mobile phones can be enforced at the school. In my opinion regulations for use at the school must be found, but a simple ban will not solve the problem permanently.

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