Tom Ford Embraces Rebellious Glam

Published on September 20, 2022

The spring and summer 2023 collection from Tom Ford is perfect for the stylish man who enjoys a night on the town. Tom Ford still has a soft spot in his heart for the glamour of the seventies. Tailoring reflects nostalgia for the decade with its statement embellishments and accents. For spring tailoring, Tom Ford creates a wide variety of garments, from those made of metallic materials to those printed with animal patterns. 

Even though he dresses in an elevated way, the Tom Ford man of recent times has no problem adopting a more casual style of dress into his wardrobe. The tailored separate is king for the spring season, and outfits that juxtapose essential items like double-breasted coats, shimmering pleated slacks, and half-unbuttoned shirts are champions.

Additionally, leather is at the top of the fashion agenda with sensuous slacks, buttery smooth lightweight jackets, and a partner in mesh shirting that is sure to turn heads. Tom Ford also presented a daring moment during his show: model Jegor Venned walked the runway wearing nothing but a leather jacket and black lace underwear–Tom Ford’s play on the theme of leather and lace. Finally, a pair of monochromatic ensembles suggested a splash of pink, reflecting the current trends while also delivering the brand’s typical opulent twist.

Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2023 Collection

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