Clothing for a Businessman: How to Choose the Right Stylish Look

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We meet on clothes and see off on the mind. A tree is beautiful with leaves and a body with clothes. These are just two of many statements about appearance. Usually, women are known for being invested in their clothing. But gentlemen should also remember that their appearance, especially business, is not something to forget. 

And although men have limited options in the field of office dress code, there are always options. It is worth remembering that in some situations in the office, you can look good and appropriate, not only in a suit. Today, learn how to put together business formal outfits that are truly stylish.


The basis of the men’s wardrobe is a suit. It’s hard to imagine a company’s official dress code without it. These pieces, without a doubt, should be chosen with the utmost responsibility. A slightly wrong size can be the difference between looking polished and looking sloppy. When choosing, it is worth remembering that the jacket should not be too loose near the hands – this will lead to the formation of wrinkles. 

It is best to choose jackets with slight pleats at the waist, small slits, or slits at the back and sides. Pants should sit without buttons at the waist and cuffs. In the case of colors, it is good to bet on versatility. This means that it is better to buy a gray or navy suit – these colors correspond to everyday styling. An important note here is that one should not wear dark suits during the day. Stylists also advise choosing lighter colors in summer.

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A shirt is one of the main elements of every man’s business wardrobe. It complements the suit but is also suitable for more casual styles. There are two main elements to consider when choosing a shirt. The first is the collar, and the second is the color. A well-chosen collar will really complement the overall look. And if one chooses badly, the neck will be disproportionate to the face and shoulders. To avoid this effect, before buying a shirt, make sure that the finger can easily pass between the neck and the collar.

The most elegant color for a shirt is white. Less formal situations allow you to wear shirts in light colors: blue, gray, pink, and cream. It is also recommended to don patterned shirts, preferably with stripes – they are more elegant than checkered ones. You should also remember that large patterns make a shirt appear more casual. Stylists also emphasize that the color should complement the complexion and hair.

If you have fair skin and dark hair, keep a similar contrast between the color of your tie and the color of your shirt. In the case of less contrast, you can afford more divergence in this area by choosing multi-colored shirts, jackets, and ties.

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How to Choose a Tie

A tie often complements business attire. This accessory often attracts the most attention, so one should not underestimate its importance. It is best to buy styles made of silk. There should be several color options in the wardrobe. Chic and dark, such as shades of navy blue, burgundy, or graphite, should be worn with light shirts. They will create an elegant look. This combination works on formal occasions. 

Lighter ties are worn over pastel shirts in blue, light gray, or pink. This combination gives a friendly image and is intended for less formal situations. Also, patterned ties can be worn in a business wardrobe. You can use dots, stripes, and subtle patterns in formal meetings. Ties with pastel stripes, large prints, or plaid are the solution for less traditional outfits. They are usually combined with linen and wool vests.

Elegant Accessories Not to Be Forgotten 

A businessman’s wardrobe should also include accessories. The basis is belts and watches. Belts should typically match the color of the shoes. Watches that match formal attire do not have to be sporty. A classic look with a light brown, dark brown, or black strap is appropriate.

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Shoes are just as important as the rest of your wardrobe. A wrong choice can ruin the whole outfit. First of all, remember that when in doubt, go with something minimal. If you don’t have any particular taste in fashion, feel free to choose black leather loafers or oxfords.

Choosing the Right Pieces Is Only Half the Battle

The next step is to combine the individual pieces of clothing properly. It is worth following these simple tips that will help you avoid failures:

  • A shirt and tie should have different patterns or colors; clothing should flatter your body type.
  • Strictly adhere to the corporate dress code. If your office is less formal, do not wear a black suit all day. It is better to take off the jacket.
  • If in doubt – bet on dark blue and gray since they suit most people.

Accentuate Your Style with Accessories

The ability to dress well is important for both women and men. This allows you to make your image more powerful. People will take you more seriously – appearance affects the opinions of colleagues, bosses, and subordinates. It is also worth remembering that you should always adapt the outfit to the dress code provided by the company. In some companies, formal attire may be undesirable.