Choose Your Genuine Leather Belt for Men Following Our Tips

Man Open Shirt Leather Belt
Photo Credit: Deposit Photos

How to choose a handmade leather belt for men? When made with genuine leather, items wear a nice, stylish finish. On the fashion market, you can find every kind of some so-called leather products, such as leather belts for men for instance. To distinguish good leather from fake leather, you need to read the following guide, so that you will not purchase some expensive fake skin item. So here are some tips to tell the difference between low-quality and high-quality!

1. Press the skin

If, when pressing the skin, the surface wrinkles then it is a first proof that your leather belt for men is a real one. However, if it stays the same, if the surface remains smooth and even, then you can almost be sure that the leather is not genuine.

2. Smell your leather belt for men

To identify the quality of your leather belt for men, or any leather item, use your natural senses such as your eyes or, in this case, your sense of smell. If it smells like chemicals or plastic, no need to wonder if it is faux leather or not. On the other hand, if the smell is musky, you might come to the conclusion that the product is real.

3. Burn, baby, burn

Ok, this solution may not seem like the best one because of most of the time, flames damage. But in that particular case, it will reveal whether your leather belt for men is real or if it is a fake skin. Put the flame on the surface of your item for 5 to 10 seconds top. Real skin will burn a little, and it will smell like burning hairs; if it smells like burnt plastic, you have your answer.

4. Try the drop test

To verify if the skin of your leather belt for men is real, you can also put a drop of water on it. If the skin absorbs the drop, the skin is authentic; nevertheless, if a small puddle appears, well, in that case, we are talking about faux leather.

5. Price matters!

Genuine leather is expensive, so a whole leather-made item, like leather belts for men like the creations by Duret Paris, cannot be cheap, and the price will note vary through time. Manmade leather and genuine skins do not come at the same price: when too cheap to be real, it is faux; when expensive, try the four last tips to check its authenticity!