Changing Casino Fashion

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The suave British secret agent, James Bond, is probably what comes to mind when we think of casino attire. Usually sporting a black tuxedo or expensive-looking suit, this character from the famous movie franchise’s formal fashion choices illustrate the luxury and glamour that we often associate with casinos.

While a strict formal dress code was always enforced in every casino in the past, many venues have now started to relax their rules, and as a result, we are seeing a lot of changes in the fashion choices that casino customers make. 

Dress codes tend to vary depending on where the casino is located and what events it is holding. The guidelines for casino employees also vary somewhat to guidance for their customers. 

Casino fashion for venue staff

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For the most part, dress code guidelines for casino employees have remained formal. However, many venues have now made their policies a little more flexible and inclusive for both male and female members of staff.

Cocktail waitresses were once a staple feature in all casinos, dressed to the 9’s in glamorous and tight fitted dresses, heeled shoes, and were expected to keep their hairstyle and makeup looking equally alluring. 

However, these days you will likely notice that waiting and bar staff are either male or female and wear shirts with smart trousers or skirts. In more exclusive venues, they may wear a smart business suit or formal evening dress. Staff uniforms play an essential role in creating the right atmosphere in the place.

A croupier is someone who is appointed to a gambling table; they handle things such as payments and bet making. Croupiers at both online casinos, like Wink Slots, and those who work in physical casinos, can be expected to be dressed very smartly, ensuring the casino maintains high-standards and the clientele have a good first impression.

The croupier wears a formal suit, usually with a vest and a bow tie. Female croupiers may wear a formal evening dress instead. Previously, many croupiers wore visors to prevent eye strain. However, this trend now seems to be dying out.

Casino fashion for visitors

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While it was once expected that casino visitors would dress up in their most elegant attire, the dress code for casino visitors in modern times is now even more varied than the dress code for their employees, with differing levels of formality depending on location, time of day and how exclusive the venue is. 

Some venues enforce their policy more strictly than others, as they must carefully consider the revenue loss made by turning away an inappropriately dressed customer but also how important fashion is in maintaining the casino’s image and atmosphere. 

Huge luxury casinos in excellent city locations like Monte Carlo or Las Vegas are much more likely to have a black-tie dress code. In contrast, smaller local casinos in town centers tend to have either a smart casual dress code or no real dress code at all.  

While many casino goers are on board with the changes that have been made to casino dress codes over time, having more choice can make finding what to wear a little more complicated.

What should you wear if there is a casual or business casual dress code?

Many casinos have toned down their dress code as casino fashion has become less formal. 

If you’re visiting somewhere with a more casual policy, then lovely jeans with a polo shirt or t-shirt will do. Avoid overly ripped jeans and shirts with sports logos if you can. A day dress or skirt is also utterly beautiful.

Most shoes will be elegant for this occasion, so wear whatever you feel is comfy. Just make sure they are clean. Muddy boots are never welcome, no matter how lax their policy is!

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What should you wear for a semi-formal dress code?

If it’s a special occasion or the requirements are a little more formal, a shirt or blouse is a must. These should be paired with smart trousers such as chinos or suit trousers, or a mid-length skirt.

Women may also choose to wear a cocktail dress. You can also dress up the outfit a little more with a pair of statement earrings or a sparkling necklace. 

Shoes should be smart and polished; trainers are likely to get you turned away at the door. 

What about formal or black tie?

If you’re going to a bigger, more glamorous venue, then you’ll need to plan your outfit out in advance.

Black tie suggests that men should wear a tuxedo, and women should wear a formal evening gown. A business suit or dinner jacket with a tie is also acceptable.

Double-breasted suit jackets have been growing in popularity in casino fashion recently.

In the past, women would be expected to wear a full-length dress. However, a short cocktail dress or formal tailored jumpsuit is now also acceptable, as long as they are smart.

Shoes should also be smart and polished and match your outfit; dark colors are often preferred. Women may want to wear heels, but a pair of flat shoes, such as sandals or brogues, are also excellent.

Going to a casino, especially if you are out celebrating a birthday or other special event, is an exciting affair. Getting ready and planning what you are going to wear is all part of the occasion. 

Casino fashion has changed dramatically over the last few decades, for both visitors and staff alike. We can expect casino attire to continue to change and evolve as new trends develop. 

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