CBD in Beauty Products: Things You Need to Know

CBD Beauty Products
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If you’ve checked the ingredients in most of the beauty products on shelves, there are high chances that you’ve noticed that most have CBD hemp oil as a significant ingredient. Thanks to CBD’s popularity, cannabis is now claiming its rightful position as an essential ingredient in wellness and beauty products.

The concerned website CBDTrust asserts that from lip balms, shampoo, mascara, body lotions, and facial oils to moisturizers, CBD forms a significant ingredient in all these products. Although it’s no doubt that CBD is currently the buzzy beauty ingredient, there are scanty details explaining the basics about it. What is it? Does it get you high? Why is it present in almost all beauty products? These are some of the questions in many consumers’ minds.

Lucky for you, we have conducted thorough research on the topic and will answer all these questions, so read till the end to know why CBD has become so popular in the beauty industry.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, one of the more than 100 compounds referred to as cannabinoids from marijuana or cannabis sativa plants. According to multiple sources, two significant cannabinoids are widely popular; CBD and THC. You’re probably aware of THC, which is the compound that leads to the “high” effect that marijuana is commonly known for, right?

In the past, most of the attention on weed has been focused on THC, the naturally occurring chemical compound that makes people go crazy. Most laws and regulations have been crafted to contain THC as most people purchase marijuana to get high. On the other hand, CBD wasn’t much of an interest to government authorities until after scientists began to explore its health benefits.

Does CBD make you high?

I am sure you probably have the answer by now, right? Unlike THC, CBD does not make you high but helps in pain reduction, eases anxiety, and eliminates acne and inflammation. These are the reasons making it highly popular at the moment.

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So, why do most beauty products contain CBD?

Topical CBD is essential in reducing inflammation, oil production regulation, and painkilling. Jennifer Lawson, CBD Trust founder, says that researchers have found that a CBD product helps in the eradication of various skin disorders such as dry skin, eczema, acne, and psoriasis. This is why you’re finding the ingredient in many face creams, body lotions, or serums.

Inflammation is the main cause of all skin problems, acne, or aging marks. The organization notes that acne cases have been on the rise in the recent past. Still, there are no new treatment options other than the common ones, consisting of benzoyl peroxide and retinoids derived from chemicals. As it stands now, CBD could be the surest way to clear your skin.

If you have ever suffered from acne, you can bear witness that it can be a pain to get your skin clear again. This is caused by blocked pores, an increase in bacteria, inflammation, and excess sebum. However, CBD helps regulate the oil production leading to effective clearance of acne. This is the reason many facial creams come with CBD for those who are eager to find a natural solution to their facial problems without using drugs made with chemicals like Accutane and spironolactone.

Additionally, experts say that if you don’t want to use pain pills to lower the ouch levels or relax your muscles, CBD is your solution. This is the reason why most of the balms meant for achy muscles after a tedious workout contain CBD as a major ingredient. It’s the same properties that have seen CBD being a major ingredient in massage oils.

What About Legality?

Well, there are two ways to look at this issue. First, yes, it is legal if it comes from industrial hemp. Typically, it is extracted from a plant that contains not more than 0.3% THC; as indicated in Agricultural Act 2014, commonly known as Farm Bill, it is said to have come from hemp.

However, suppose it is extracted from a plant with more THC content. In that case, it is said to be cannabis and not hemp making it illegal in the states where recreational or medical marijuana is not permitted. So, depending on your state’s laws on marijuana, CBD can be legal or illegal. In many states, you must provide proof that it is required for a health issue. For example, in Ohio, recreational marijuana is not legal, but with an OH medical marijuana card, you are eligible to get your medicinal cannabis.