Are Those Converse Real or Fake?

Converse Sneakers
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We all love Converse shoes, and we get a bit excited when we see them going for half their usual price. As a result, we rush to buy them, as they are too tempting. This has, however, lead to many purchasing fake Converse shoes. To avoid that, today we tell you how to spot fake Converse shoes.

How to Spot fake Converse Shoes


The best way that you can see if something is fake or not is by the packaging.  The first warning bell should ring if you notice that the shoe box does not come with the Converse logo. Alongside that, original Converse shoes also come with tissue packaging. At times, they will also have paper stuffing. Therefore, if you notice that these are not there, we are sad to say that you just bought a pair of fake shoes.

The Chuck Taylor Patch

Other than the great quality of Converse shoes, we also love that Chuck Taylor patch. Fortunately, this patch can also be used to check if your shoes are fake or original. The original Chuck Taylor patch comes with a navy blue color, while the fake ones come with a different shade of blue. You see the thing with fakes is that they just cannot the detail right. The same is true for online casinos, fake ones always skip that fine detail, making them easy to spot. Whereas the safe and secure online casinos always make sure to give their players great real money rewards for slots for real money and a lot more.

The Pinstripe

As we mentioned above, it is all about the detail. Therefore if you want to spot fake Converse shoes take a look at the pinstripe on the sole of the shoe. The original pinstripe is always straight. However, these fake ones always come with a crooked stripe. This is a best and fastest way to check if your shoes are fake or not. Sports betting sites like advise people only to buy original. Original Converse is strong, and it will last you for a very long time. If you cannot afford the original one, simply check what the minimum bet is and try your luck for a jackpot.

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