8 Surprise Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

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Do you love to spring surprises on people you care for, no matter what the occasion? One of the ways you can spoil a special friend or loved one is by surprising them with a gift out of the blue. How many times have you cheered someone up by giving them a thoughtful gift to put a smile on their face? Surprise gifts are not only fun to come up with but also fun to give.

For example, a popular surprise gift idea is having flowers delivered to the recipient’s home or office. Businesses offering flower delivery services are found worldwide. You can even shop online for Malvern flower delivery if you’re looking to surprise a friend in Melbourne. 

But having flowers delivered is not the only way you can surprise your special one with a gift. Read on as we share our eight best surprise gifts ideas for every occasion. 

1. Deliver a Gourmet Meal

With so many restaurants doing business online nowadays, you’ll easily find a restaurant that will put together a gourmet meal for delivery. Even specialty food stores are buying into the idea and delivering pre-prepared three course meals. You can ask them to throw in a bunch of red roses or wine to add to the surprise gift. 

2. Compile a Self-Care Box

If your best friend is going through a rough patch, put together a self-care box for her. This can include items such as bath fizz balls, pampering lotion, some motivational quote cards and a journal and pen. Journal writing is known to help people offload their problems in a safe space. Wrap the box up in pretty paper to make it seem special and exciting.

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3. Scrapbook with Special Memories

Are you looking for a special gift for someone who is turning 60 years old and has absolutely everything they need? Scrapbooking special memories for that person would make a lovely surprise gift for them. You’ll need to gather photographs and other mementos associated with the person you want to spoil. Not only will the person receiving the gift be pleasantly surprised, but they’ll also appreciate the effort that went into creating such a special gift for them.

4. A Weekend Away

A weekend away will take a bit of planning and preparation. You want to make sure the person you want to surprise is available for the weekend you pick. You could forewarn them and ask them to have a bag packed with clothes for a trip away. But you don’t need to tell them where you’re going until you arrive at your destination. 

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5. Countdown Gifts

Does someone you love have to spend a week or more in hospital? Then countdown gifts are a nice way to help them get through each day. Pick a gift for each day they’re in hospital and wrap them up. Place them into a box and tell the person they’re only allowed to take out one gift every morning. Put some thought into each gift so they’re not only surprised by your selection but distracted enough to take their mind off being in hospital.

6. Plan a Treasure Hunt

Keep your friend in suspense by taking him or her on a treasure hunt. Put together clues and get your friend to find each location for the next clue. Don’t tell them why they’re going on a treasure hunt, so they don’t know what to expect at the end of it. The element of surprise depends on the type of gift you pick. It could be tickets to their favourite rock concert or a night in the penthouse suite of a luxury hotel.

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7. Pack the Gift in a Different Box

Surprise the person you’re gifting with packing the gift in a box not related to the gift. You could put a diamond ring in a large box labeled for beers. Or, you could use a prank box or fake gift box to confuse the recipient! Have them wondering what they’re going to do with earwax candles while actually a beautiful charm bracelet is stored inside. 

8. Hide the Gift 

You could hide a gift somewhere for the recipient to find when they least expect it. Of course, you do need to make sure it’s a place where they’ll eventually find it. Hiding a gift in the washing machine will be the last thing your best friend will expect the next time she does her laundry. But the surprise element will not only make her feel special but will add some sparkle to a dreary task!

Final Thoughts

Surprising someone with a gift always makes them feel awesome. It’s even more surprising when they find a gift in some of the strangest of places they least expect to find them. But the gift itself must add an element of surprise, something the recipient didn’t expect to get. 

Giving a surprise gift is as rewarding as receiving a gift. A lot of fun can be had planning the gift and how to surprise the recipient with it. Whatever the occasion, you can use surprise gifts to add some magic to someone’s life. So, go on. Weave some magic and surprise your loved one today.