7 Clothing Storage Ideas Every Fashionisto Needs to Know

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When you’ve got an eye for design and a passion for bargain-hunting, it’s only natural for you to end up with countless garments filling every inch of your home and not enough storage space for all your favorites. Rather than part with anything you love, it makes more sense to evaluate your clothing storage to see if you can make more room. 

The more storage you have, the more clothing you can buy, but if you’re stuck for ideas and don’t know where to begin, here are some of the best clothing storage ideas every fashionista needs to know. 

Bags and Suitcases

Living in a rented home or apartment can sometimes mean you have very few options surrounding building new closets. Instead of making permanent storage solutions, consider suitcases and bags, like the wheeled backpacks available on Expert World Travel

Not only can they come in handy for any vacations you plan to take, but they can also be valuable forms of storage for any seasonal attire you don’t reach for at all times of the year. When they have wheels, you can store them under your bed and pull them out with ease, and you can also rotate the clothing you have in them when particular trends come back into fashion. 

There are many different sizes to choose from, which means you can generally find quite spacious options to suit even the bulkiest of garments. Suitcases and bags can also be sound storage solutions for shoes, bags, scarves, and other accessories.

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Fold Your Clothes Neatly and Vertically

If your clothing drawers are bursting at the seams due to how many clothing items you’ve jammed into them, it’s time to take action. You might have luck fitting more items into your drawers if you folded each item consistently and stacked them vertically rather than in piles. This is a particularly helpful technique when you’re storing many of the same garment types, such as pants, t-shirts, and crewneck sweaters.

Invest in Fitted Furniture

If you own your own home and have the freedom to make adjustments as you please, consider a DIY clothing storage solution like fitted furniture. You can dedicate an entire wall of your bedroom or a spare room to clothing storage and get creative with the type of storage you need and prefer. For example, some people require simple closets and will install entire walls of cabinets with mirrors in their bedrooms. However, you might also enlist the services of a joinery expert who can create something unique with shoe storage, drawers, shelves, cubbies, and more. 

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Create Your Own Dressing Room

When you love fashion, getting ready to start the day is not a five-minute job. You might dedicate much of your morning to ensuring you put on the perfect outfit and match it with shoes and accessories. In that case, you might like to create your very own dressing room. This can be an option for people who own their own homes and even those who rent them. 

If you rent your property, you can create a temporary dressing room that doesn’t require any permanent house alterations. Simply purchase dividers to partition a section of your bedroom and create a smaller room within your larger one. You can then invest in storage solutions, mirrors, and dressing tables to fit within it. 

However, you do have more options at your disposal if you own your property and can make any alterations you please. You might turn a spare bedroom into a dedicated dressing room or carve out a nook in your bedroom with the help of builders. Rather than your clothing taking up precious space in drawers, closets, and every nook and cranny of your home, it can all be neatly arranged in one dedicated area. 

Purchase Multi-Use Furniture

Not everyone can afford to build dressing rooms or walk-in closets, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have extra space for your clothes. When you lack storage in a small area, you simply need to get creative with the furniture you buy. 

For example, a lift-up bed with underneath storage can provide an abundance of extra storage space for all your prized pieces. You can even buy bed bases with drawers that are more than suitable for clothing, shoes, and more. If you’re in need of a new lounge suite, consider one with built-in storage in the chaise, which can be ideal for those bulky winter outfits that take up too much room in your closet. 

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Purchase Space-Saving Coat Hangers

If your closet is packed to bursting point due to the sheer number of garments you have hanging on coat hangers, it might be time to check out space-saving coat hangers. You can purchase coat hangers with multiple slots that allow you to hang numerous garments vertically on a single hook rather than on individual hangers. This means several shirts take up no more space than a single shirt on a traditional hanger. For those with limited closet space, this can be a desirable storage option. 

Try Vacuum Bags

Many people struggle to part with the clothing they’ve grown attached to, even if they don’t see themselves wearing it for a long time. Rather than donating or selling it, you might like to explore vacuum bags as a suitable storage option. 

Vacuum-packing clothing involves storing items in specially-made bags and using a vacuum cleaner to remove all the air. This process causes a vacuum seal which ensures your attire is as compact as possible to take up minimal space. Vacuum bags present many benefits, such as saving space and allowing for easier stacking in storage. You also don’t need to worry about fungi and bacteria as much since these typically require oxygen to grow and thrive. 

However, it pays to be selective with which garments you choose to vacuum seal. This process can cause deep wrinkles that are challenging to remove and can also negatively impact collars and padding. It might be an option you consider for non-wrinkle fabrics like wool, denim, polyester, and cashmere.  

You might think donating or selling your excess clothing is your only option when you run out of space, but that might not be true. By exploring these storage solutions above, you might have more free space than you thought, giving you the freedom to shop to your heart’s content.