7 Biggest Myths & the Truth About CBD Oil

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CBD seems to keep going strength to strength, but it is one of those things that is subject to a lot of misinformation. When people don’t understand or are scared of something new, they tend to make up information hoping that others will feel the same way.

Thankfully, in this day and age, misinformation regarding CBD is becoming less and less due to the amount of research being undertaken, but still, some myths about CBD oil persist. Here are the seven biggest myths and the truth about CBD oil you should know.

All Cannabis Oil Gets You High

If you tried, this couldn’t be more wrong; the compound that gets you high in cannabis is called THC and is only found in high enough quantities in the marijuana plant. Cannabis is a family of plants, and all have the same compounds at different levels.

Hemp is cannabis stevia but has almost no THC and lots of CBD. You can purchase cannabis oil from different stevia, but they all have high levels of CBD, the main ingredient that promotes substantial medical benefits.

CBD is Addictive

No, it is not. There are only so many ways you can argue this point; nothing in science is ever a certainty, but you can be pretty sure that CBD is not addictive, nor is cannabis. Yes, you can become dependent on it like you can with anything, but dependence and addiction are two very different things.

CBD is illegal

This one is far more difficult to unpack, and it depends on what country you are in at the time of reading this; that being said, we can do our best to make the grey world of CBD legalities seem less grey. In Canada, it is legal if it comes from a particular plant; this is the same in the EU & UK.

CBD has to go from 40 pre-selected plants and can only be processed by authorized personnel. The USA varies from state to state, which is exceptionally confusing, but work on the basis that if you buy it, don’t move it across state lines as it may not be well received the next place you go.

Read each state’s law and learn if a state such as Pennsylvania requires a med card in Pennsylvania to purchase CBD. However, you can effortlessly search online to find out is CBD oil legal. In terms of the rest of the world, that is even more difficult, and if at any point you are unsure, don’t take it with you.

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CBD is a Tranquiliser

CBD is not a tranquilizer. It can help reduce the impacts of anxiety and other mental health issues and put the user into a calmer state, but this is not tranquilization. The research is still ongoing on how CBD does this, but when users feel as though they can’t settle or their anxiety is peaking, CBD can help take the edge off and settle them down.

CBD is a Marketing Scam

Many people would have you believe that CBD oil is a marketing scam. While the research is nowhere near complete yet, we are only beginning to understand how deep the health benefits go when we use it.

CBD has been shown to help people maintain weight and reduce the neurological response to mental health conditions and the physiological response, which is just the tip of the iceberg. Over the next few years, expect to see more groundbreaking studies demonstrating just how good CBD is for us.

THC and CBD Are the Same Things

This is not the case; they are both different compounds that react differently. Our endocannabinoid system processes both differently, and both respond to our bodies on a fundamentally different levels. CBD can promote healing, anti-inflammation, and reduction of nausea and can help reduce the number of seizures people suffer.

More CBD is Better

There are a few reasons that this myth is incorrect. More isn’t necessarily better, especially if we are talking about isolate oils. Scientists believe that full-spectrum products are far better for us than taking CBD alone. Full-spectrum oils react with the body on a fundamentally different level than just CBD and benefit from a synergist effect. If you take CBD, you get the results of CBD; if you take a full-spectrum oil, you get all the compounds working together, which can produce some surprising benefits.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot of misinformation available to readers about CBD oils; a lot of this is because of the fear-mongering and uncertainty surrounding the product. If you are thinking of beginning to take CBD, thoroughly research the provider you are thinking of purchasing from and understand the difference between different products.

If you are thinking of manufacturing CBD products, do visit reliable suppliers such as https://cbdnationwide.com/. The danger here isn’t the CBD; the spread of misinformation causes people not to know how to use the product safely and effectively.

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