5 Trends to Buy & 5 Trends to Dump This Summer

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Do you want to know what to wear for the 2019 summer season and still be on trend? Below are some dos and don’ts for the fashion conscious.

To Buy:

1. Tie-dye against prints and patterns with a modern update is all the rage. The trend that used to be only for hippies has turned a corner into mainstream fashion. It makes a beautiful backdrop for any pattern the designers can think of.

2. Warm colors like rust red and burnt orange are showing themselves this season. Fashion is using these colors in different shades. These colors make a statement and pair well with stripes and patterns.

3. Crochet is back with its feminine look and a modern twist. It is not your grandma’s crochet anymore. Crochet has even made an appearance in the shoe department with crochet looking cutout designs that make for an elegant shoe. The crochet topped sneakers are comfortable and on trend for the spring season. 

4. Biker shorts are still a favorite with a seamed look or a cutoff spin on this favorite. With a new approach to these favorites, designers have come up with some new twists to this look.

5. Earth tones are big this season, and neutral tones let you add pieces to dress up or down. Patterned clothes are given a grown-up look and can be easily matched with the neutral tones to make a great outfit. Whether you want to go to the park or the office, this trend will work for both.

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To Dump:

1. Too much plaid or animal prints is something you can do without and is falling out of graces as far as fashion goes. Too much of anything gets a little overpowering, especially in fashion.

2. Luckily chunky sneakers are going to the wayside and will not be around much for this season. These big shoes made you look like your feet were more prominent than they were. It is nice to see this trend end.

3. Those high heels are on their way out too. How did women wear those things anyway? It always looked like with one wrong move you could break your neck.

4. Small purses called micro-bags are coming to an end this season. This trend didn’t last long. Women like to carry stuff in their purse.

5. Cargo shorts are not popular for 2019 (https://top10.today/cargo-shorts in the article). They held on for quite some time and will eventually make their way around again ultimately, as everything does.

Author Bio: Paige Jirsa- I work with Top10.Today, a shopping comparison site, where we strive to help consumers find the best quality and priced products.