5 Grandad Styles Every Man Should Adopt

man tweed jacket sweater
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We can all unanimously agree that there are some styles older men stubbornly stick to that we wouldn’t be caught dead in. Namely socks and sandals. It doesn’t make sense, and it doesn’t look good.

Grandpa chic is rising, and we could learn something from the older generation. But which classic trends should you pick up, and which should be dumped at the charity shop in your next unhaul?

How the Tweed Jacket Can Be Timeless

We may cringe at the idea of the tweed jacket, but worn right, it can look exceptional. It’s probably not one to wear down the pub, in less you frequent particularly fancy public houses. However, a tweed jacket might be the perfect fit for a formal family gathering, a summer garden party sipping Pimm’s, or a smart casual wedding.

How to Wear It

Bring your tweed jacket into 2022 with rolled-up sleeves. No need to roll up to your elbows, a couple of rolls to reveal wrists will make this look more effortlessly cool than preppy.

Pair with a pair of skinny black jeans, and you’re away. Depending on the occasion, tweed jackets can look great with a casual white tee or smarten it up with a button-up shirt with a bit of chest on show for those summery vibes.

young man flatcap
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Make a Flat Cap Work for You

Admittedly not everyone can make the flat cap work. It takes a certain kind of person to pull off, but it can be done, and you can avoid looking like you’ve just stepped off the farm after a hard day laboring. If Brad Pitt can do it, so can you. Need more convincing? David Beckham, Justin Timberlake, and Daniel Craig have also been known to work a flat cap.

How to Wear It

Like any accessory, styles are abundant in shape and size. No one hat flatters all but shop around and try out different designs, and you’ll find your fit.

Consider your face shape. If you have a pretty round face, you might want a hat with a wider brim, whereas slimmer, longer faces wish for a trimmer fit.

The Joy of Elbow Patches

Whether on sweaters or jackets, elbow patches shouldn’t be shied away from. Adding an exciting feature to your clothing, it also goes without saying an elbow patch can save your favorite item of clothing. Fix worn clothes with cute elbow patches and be a trendsetter.

How to Wear It

Commonly you’ll find elbow patches on blazers and sweaters, but you can incorporate them into any item of clothing with sleeves. Whether purchasing readily patched or getting creative yourself.

Custom patches are a great way to be creative and make it a little more personal. Take your favorite fashion elements to design them freely. Add denim jackets to give that rustic, worn-in look, or a long-sleeved basic top to add something extra.

man patterned sweater quilted vest
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Achieving the Grandpa Prints

If there’s one thing the older generation loves, it’s a flashy print, from patterned sweaters to dazzling shirts. There was probably a time when you never thought you’d want to wear something similar, but those crazy patterns fit the vintage styles many are trying to achieve.

Now you’ll find yourself trawling through charity shops and vintage stores. Find Promo Codes For retailers like Rokit Vintage and Oxfam and pay less for something truly authentic. Or shop at TM Lewin for older men’s fashions.

How to Wear It

Go for slouchy fits in anything with a bold pattern—Tuck into your jeans or trousers on slim, tapered waists for shirts. Alternatively, if you prefer, it can just look as cool left untucked for a more casual look.

For sweaters, the baggier and cozier, the better. Roll up the sleeves and go for a preppy look with a shirt collar tucked over the neckline. Alternatively, showcase some great layering with a T-shirt beneath, slightly on show under a more gaping neckline.

man suspenders
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Complete the Look with Key Grandpa Chic Accessories

Tick off these essential accessories, and you’re away with nailing those popular grandad styles. From the always crucial comfortable footwear to a pair of braces to keep your slacks up, these might be the foundations of older men’s fashion.

How to Wear It

More often than not, you’ll find braces chosen over a belt. So swap out your belt and snap on the braces. Especially for formal occasions, they can add something timeless and classic to an outfit.

We recommend a red pair of grey slacks and a crisp white shirt. Comfortable footwear is also a must. For optimum grandpa chic, wear a pair of brogues or boat shoes for class and style. To polish off the look? Why not buy a pair of faux glasses? Aviator and wireframes would be our go-to.


You may have thought you couldn’t learn anything about fashion from the older generation, but you may have been wrong. Fashion trends have a way of coming back around, so take inspiration from those more timeless trends, and you’ll look just as classy in twenty years. Just look at Pierce Brosnan, Mick Jagger, and Harrison Ford.