3 Style Tips for Your Anniversary Date

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Special moments in the relationship might require to step-up your game and look your best, especially if you have planned a fancy date. That being said, if you want to look your best for your anniversary date, then read our style guide below to help you pick the best outfit.

The Location of Your Date

The location of your date also impacts the overall decisions of your outfit. For example, if you want to surprise your partner and have an exciting date at a casino, you will need to check the casino’s dress code first. Most exclusive casinos require more formal attire, and that is why you might even wear a tuxedo. But otherwise, smart-casual outfits are your best choice and avoid anything that resembles loungewear.

If you want to stay in and still experience the dazzling world of online casinos, you can plan a game night with a casino theme.  Reliable online casinos offer a great array of games, so you can try some real money slots or play table casino games, for example. Also, there are plenty of offers promotions to spice up your gameplay.  If you want to take this step further, complement your casino theme by wearing famous James Bond outfits.

If you’ve picked a fancy restaurant for your date, then you mustn’t feel underdressed. Another tip is to check any photos from previous events at the restaurant and what kind of outfits people usually wear. Our recommendations include a dress shirt, blazer, pants, and if there’s an exclusive event, you can also wear a tie. If you’ve chosen a more casual place, you can still show that you’ve made an effort, and wear your best jeans, polo-shirt, denim jacket, sneakers.

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The Weather

The weather’s also important when you are picking the outfit, as it’s the time of day. If you plan the date during the day, you might opt for more casual clothes as evenings require dressier outfits. You probably won’t wear the same outfit if your date takes place in a coffee shop and a club.  If it’s cold, then layers are your friend.

Stick to cardigans, boots, coats, puffer jackets, long sleeve shirts.  In case the weather is warmer, you can keep it more relaxed and pick a pressed shirt, jeans, shorts, and blazers. Also, when you’re picking your outfit, it‘s good to take into consideration what your partner will be wearing.

What to Avoid

Because it’s your anniversary, you might want to dress up, even if your style is more casual and you tend to wear sporty clothes. The greatest factor tends to be the location, so it’s understandable if you pick sporty clothes if you’re going camping, for instance.

However, in most cases, it’s best to pick a smart-casual outfit, especially if your partner is planning the date, and you aren’t familiar with the details. Generally, sweatpants, hoodies are considered overly casual, while ties and suits are more suitable for more formal events. And lastly, always choose a comfortable outfit that suits your taste.