10 Tips to Beat Insomnia

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Many people have insomnia.  When a person can not fall asleep, or when they do, they cannot stay asleep.  They keep waking up during the night and sometimes have problems falling back to sleep.  This can create many medical issues such as diabetes and can increase aging.  As a person gets older, many times, this problem seems to get worse.  Studies have shown that at least 25 % Of all people between the ages of 65 and 79 suffer from some form of insomnia.  The chances of this happening can be increased by lack of exercise, not enough sunshine, stress, and consuming caffeine or starchy foods within 6 hours of going to bed.

Levels of Insomnia

There are various levels of insomnia from a temporary spell lasting a week or two that can be caused by trauma or stress.  As the levels of effect from these incidents decrease, normally, your insomnia will decrease.  Some people actually develop chronic insomnia that can be damaging to your health.  The lack of rest and sleep to your body can cause many different issues; some can become serious.  Here are just a few.

  • Memory loss or lapse
  • Hallucinations
  • Risk of heart disease
  • Impaired immune system
  • Risk of obesity and weight gain
  • Decreased reaction time
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Tips to Decrease Insomnia

  1.   Unwind and relax before going to bed.  Try reading a book or listening to soothing music.  Sometimes meditation will also help your mind and your body slow down and be ready to fall asleep.
  2. Regular sleep patterns – Get yourself on a routine with regular sleep patterns and wake up times.  This helps your body adjust to a routine and will help you to rest more comfortably.
  3. Eat healthy foods – Try to avoid sugars and carbohydrates in your diet.  Try to eat more food such as vegetables and healthy fat choices that can be found in foods such as avocados, nuts, and grass-fed animal products.
  4. Darkness – Keep your bedroom dark at night.  Make sure your blinds are closed and that there is no light glow coming into your room.  There are eye masks that have been proven to help with keeping it dark enough.  Your body in the dark will create natural melatonin, which helps you relax and rest while sleeping.
  5. Avoid too many fluids – drinking too many fluids, including water, too close to bedtime can create a full bladder, and waking up many times to use the bathroom at night can defeat the fight against insomnia.  It is recommended to drink an 8 ounce of glass of water around 90 minutes before bedtime and then leave a glass near your bed if you are thirsty during the night.  Do not drink too much during the night.
  6. Keep your room cool – The typical range for the best sleep would be between 65 and 70 degrees at night.  A fan in your room helps to circulate the air and many times makes breathing easier.  If you are too hot or too cold at night, it can disrupt your sleep, and you will not rest comfortably.
  7. Reduce noise at night – Various noises can wake you up during your much-needed sleep.  Make sure all noise distractions are turned off at night.
  8. Drink an organic relaxing tea – There are various teas such as chamomile, valerian root, or even a milk source such as organic coconut or soy milk that can create a relaxing effect on your body, helping you to relax.
  9. Use your bed for sleep – train your body that when you crawl into our bed at night, that is time to go to sleep.  Many people will watch television or eat when they get into their beds.  This will keep you awake and will not help to beat insomnia.
  10. Sleep with proper posture and support at night – When you do not sleep with proper posture, and your body is not in proper alignment at night, you will often wake up hurting in your neck and back.  This can cause you to wake up many times during the night.  Having a proper and well supportive mattress can help you to sleep with proper posture.
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Quality Mattresses to Choose From

Many quality mattresses can help someone suffering from insomnia get a comfortable and supportive night’s sleep.  Here is a quick peek at just a few.

Tuft & Needle Mint: This design is an all-foam bed that offers quality support and comfort for many sleepers.  It is designed in 3 separate carefully placed layers.

Cover -The cover for this mattress is made from a knit polyester blend.  It offers a thick and cozy feeling as soon as you crawl onto your mattress.

Comfort – This level is made from a 3-inch layer of T&N Adaptive Foam infused with cooling graphite.  This offers a slow response to pressure allowing for body contouring for the sleeper.

Transition – This layer is a 2-inch layer of polyfoam that has been mixed with cooling beads that are activated when pressure is applied to them.  This offers a quicker response to pressure than the comfort level and prevents some of the comfort level’s sinkages.

Base – The base level is made from a 6.5-inch layer of dense polyfoam.  This offers support for the layers above it and gives the mattress its shape and stability for a good night’s rest.

This mattress offers a medium firmness with a little towards the softer side.  It would be a great selection for back and side sleepers, offering the support for proper alignment for a comfortable night’s sleep.  This mattress also offers a quality motion transfer meaning this would be a great choice for a couple.  When one person moves a lot, it will not disturb the other sleeper.  This mattress is known for quality cooling elements to help with temperature control when you are sleeping.

Tempur-Pedic Cloud: This mattress is one of the quality memory foam mattresses.  It offers body contouring and support for many different sleepers.

Cover – The cover for this mattress is made from 360 degrees stretch fabric.  This allows it to move with you and your mattress.  Offers quality moisture wicking to help with temperature control

Comfort – This layer is designed from a Tempur material, which feels and acts like memory foam.  This has a slow response to pressure, offering body contouring to the shoulders, hips, and back area.

Transition – This layer is made from another Tempur material that is firmer than the top layer.  It is designed to slowly lower the sleeper onto the base, keeping the sleeper from sinking too deeply into the mattress.

Base – Is made from a thick layer of high-density polyfoam.  This offers a quick response to pressure keeping the above layers from sinking too deeply into the mattress.  This also offers the shape to the mattress and the support of the above layers.

This mattress offers a medium firmness and is somewhat towards the softer side, offering quality pressure relief and body contouring.  This would be a great selection for side and back sleepers.  Stomach sleepers may want something a bit firmer.  This mattress’s motion transfer would be a good quality for a couple of sleepers as the foams seem to absorb the movements.  The life span of this mattress should last between 5 and 7 years.  This mattress has not added cooling agents to offer a normal memory foam mattress’s temperature.

Making Your Selection

When making your selection for a comfortable mattress to help you beat insomnia, it is important to find the mattress that gives you the best comfort and support.  This will help you in being comfortable and getting a good night’s sleep.  When you crawl into bed at night and are ready to fall asleep, being comfortable and having the support to your neck, shoulders, and hips will help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer periods of time.


There are many different mattresses to choose from, and there are different variables that will help determine which mattress would be the best for you.  If you sleep with a partner, it will make a difference regarding the size of the mattress and the motion transfer that the mattress offers.  The type of sleep position you sleep in will also make a huge difference in the firmness and softness you will require in a mattress to get a good night’s sleep.  There are also mattresses with coil springs in them that deserve looking into to help with sleep insomnia.  Remember, the more comfortable you are when you lay down into your bed at night, the more chance you have in getting the sleep that your body needs and having the ability to stay asleep.  When your bed is more comfortable and gives you the support that you need, it is easier to stay on your routine as you look forward to crawling into a comfortable bed.