10 Things to Do If You’re Stuck at Home

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It is a fact that there comes a time in our life when we get stuck at home. Being stuck at home and doing nothing leads to feeling lonely and lazy. Even on weekends, if you have not planned anything and spend the whole day in bed doing nothing, it will make you more sluggish and lethargic. 

These feelings can ultimately lead to developing unhealthy habits. But if you brainstorm all the new things you could do when struck at home, you will find that there are many activities you can do to make your time pass more productive. 

Here we will walk you through activities you can do when you are stuck at home. But it is worth noticing that those things, besides passing your time, give you benefits in your practical life. So, let’s go ahead with the ten things to do if you are stuck at home. 

1. Play Chess

Before suggesting you play chess, we would like to provide some explanation. It is a board game played between two players, enhancing memory, creativity, planning, and strategic skills. Chess can be a good option if you are stuck at home. 

However, anything done or consumed in abundance can be harmful as well; likewise, playing too much can also cause stress and drag you away from physical exercise that could be unhealthy. If you don’t have a partner to play with, go online. Technology helps us play any game on the Internet as successfully as in real life.

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2. Read a Book

We bet you will not regret it if you start reading a book in case of staying at home. By reading books, you can learn new things, enhance your vocabulary, and create wonders at length. 

For instance, Mustafa Kamal Attaturk, the father of the Turk nation, read 4000 thousand books and created such a history that people in the world respect him in general, and people in Turkey pay tribute in particular, even after 83 years of his death. 

Therefore, if you are stuck at home, you can add reading a book to your to-do list that will benefit you both in the present and future. 

3. Play a Musical Instrument

Doing the same things in a periodic routine can create distress and be tedious. That is why it is necessary to list diversified activities while stuck at home. Learning or playing a musical instrument is another thing that you can do. 

Some musical instruments that are easy to learn and play are the guitar, ukulele, keyboard, and drums. If you wish to buy a musical instrument while stuck at home, you can easily purchase it online. Furthermore, you can take online classes to learn how to play your chosen instrument. 

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4. Catch Up with Friends on the Phone or Video Chat

As per science, a human being is a social animal who cannot live isolated from the world for too long. So, to stay in touch with your loved ones, you can catch up with your friends or family members with the help of phone or video chat. Being in touch with your loved ones also improves your psychological well-being. 

Moreover, people who see their friends and families as supportive systems tend to create a stronger sense of meaning in their lives and a stronger sense of purpose. Therefore, you can call your family or friends if you are forced to stay home to improve your mood. If you want to contact someone you’ve lost touch with, you do not need to worry because it has become easy to get their number and social media links through Nuwber

5. Plan Your Future

Setting goals is compulsory in life because they give you long-term vision and short-term motivation. If you are to stay at home, you must spend some time writing down your goals for your life. Writing down your goals will force you to devise different strategies to achieve them.

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6. Watch Movies or Documentaries

Digital media has also provided a lot of things for your recreation, and movies/ documentaries are one of them. If you are keen on learning something, viewing documentaries is one of the best sources. 

Apart from that, there are a lot of movies, including old and new ones of different genres. Watching movies can also be a good source of opportunities for laughing and bonding and increasing awareness. If you cannot leave your home, you can plan to watch a good movie. 

7. Clean Your Home

Cleanliness is not related to rich or poor; it is a matter of mentality and principle. You might also plan to clean your house if you are stranded at home. Cleaning your home will reduce the chances of hazards and emergencies, boost mental health, and keep the mind fresh and working.

8. Restructure Your Lawn or Garden

Gardening is a source to stay healthy at any age because it provides vitamin D from sunlight and the opportunity to do exercises to strengthen your muscles and bones. So, if you are stuck at home, you can spend some time doing lawn work and new plantations. A little trimming of your lawn will give your house a beautiful look. 

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9. Enroll in an Online Course

There are a lot of online classrooms where you can enroll in various academic subjects, work skills, hobbies, exercise programs, certification programs, and so on. Therefore, if you’re to stay home, you can utilize your time taking up these online classes.  

10. Visit Online Museums 

We cannot visit art galleries physically while being stuck at home. However, you can watch live streaming of different famous museums, listen to audiobooks, and do virtual museum tours. Many cultural institutions are expanding their doors and inviting the public inside to see and listen. 


Understanding the value of time, you have a lot of free time if you are stuck at home. Thus, you have to plan your activities to spend your time wisely, which could benefit you in the future. There are a lot of things to do that you can come up with after brainstorming.