Versace Spring/Summer 2013 | Milan Fashion Week

versace spring summer 2013 041 Versace Spring/Summer 2013 | Milan Fashion Week

Versace’s Gladiator–Continuing a bright-colored trend from her last spring collection, Donatella Versace’s latest was not for the faint of heart. Taking fashion to a fun, frivolous place, today’s showing was all about excess and bling. Dressed in sheer fabrics, metallics and showing a lot of skin, Versace’s man is most definitely not the average but the exception. With enough robes to open a bathhouse, the Italian fashion house’s signature print made the finished product an easy season standout. Combined with emblem encrusted gladiator sandals and oversize belts to cinch jackets and robes at the waist, the accessory won out, even when it came to suiting. With a hint of the iconic power suit, ties and pocket scarves were finished in metallics. When it came to buttons, they as well were anything but subtle. Oversize and gold, buttons adorned jackets, ranging from double-breasted to halved at the sleeves. Meanwhile, a certain sportiness and a tendency for the exotic came into play as the collection progressed with oversize t-shirts, large chains and a plethora of prints that complemented the loud range quite well.

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  1. Enriqueacosta

    AMAZIIING! this is one of their best collections ever! bright colors, super exquisit patterns, great hairstyle, great make up and super hot male models!