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Bastian Thiery Num%C3%A9ro Homme Gregory Harris1 WhyNot Spring/Summer 2014 Show Package

WhyNot–Coming in at nearly two hundred models strong, Milano agency WhyNot is ready for Milan Fashion Week for the spring/summer 2014 season. This season, WhyNot’s roster includes seasoned veterans Arthur Kulkov, Adam Senn, runway regulars Aiden Andrews, Bastian Thiery, Jacob Coupe, breakout stars Jarrod Scott, Duncan Pyke and countless others.

whynot WhyNot Fall/Winter 2013 Show Package | Milan Fashion Week

WhyNot–From Garrett Neff and Adam Senn to Vinnie Woolston, WhyNot has stunning talent on hand for Milan Fashion Week but in a strong package that also includes favorites Ash Stymest and Bastian Thiery, the up and coming faces garner great interest. Gryphon O’Shea leads with fantastic attitude, boasting a grand roster that includes Satoshi Toda, Brayden Pritchard, Ralf Javoiss and more.

whynot WhyNot Spring/​​​Summer 2013 Show Package

WhyNot–Boasting an impressive roster of over a hundred faces for the season, Milano agency WhyNot reveals a menu of sorts that takes into account the engaging whims of several of the world’s top design houses. From Prada-ready runway sensation Andrey Smidl to current Giorgio Armani star Florian Van Bael, WhyNot easily houses the coveted blue-chip boy. Adding to the list with a long proven track record, models such as Mathias Bergh and Jacob Coupe stand out from the pack while new faces like Stefan Pollmann offer a glimmer of the next wave.

whynot WhyNot Fall/Winter 2012 Show Package

WhyNot–Making a casting director’s job less difficult, WhyNot pulls out all the stops with a consistent showing of irresistible options. As the last year has shown, David Gandy is unstoppable–racking up two major covers and continuing to play a strong suit to Dolce & Gabbana’s image. Meanwhile, there is Arthur Kulkov, a one fits all type of model and a blast to have around–followed by those standout editorial boys like Jacob Coupe and Alexander Johansson, who easily transition from the runway, walking coveted spots for labels such as Prada to fronting campaigns for a myriad of brands. From Garrett Neff to Aiden Andrews and Adam Senn, the recognizable faces are offered in plenitude and short of a world disaster, it looks like the men of WhyNot are going to have full charts.

whynot WhyNot Show Package Spring/Summer 2012

WhyNot–Moreso than ever, it is a season of stars for WhyNot. Serving up a fair share of the top models to hit the Milanese catwalk, the agency boasts leading men, ranging from Noah Mills and Arthur Kulkov to Sam Webb. From the buzzworthy Mugler muse Rick Genest and stars in the making such as Bo Develius, WhyNot fills their ranks with runway sensations that include Taylor Fuchs as well as popular models, ranging from Francisco Lachowski to Burberry’s leading crop, noted by