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sopopular SOPOPULAR Fall 2009

Fresh out of Berlin is an ambitious new label hoping to make its stamp on the fashion world. Taking its name from an old interview featuring Kurt Cobain, SOPOPULAR was founded out of the desire to create “a label which applies the fashion codes of streetwear in an adult way.” Towing the lines of high street fashion and streetwear, SOPOPULAR’s line appeals to a well-rounded audience. For the fall look book, cover boy Cole Mohr makes an appearance to showcase the slim-silhouetted collection. It is in the collection that a militaristic undercurrent meets contemporary fashion for a translatable everyday look. The collection’s signature is created by the use of stern solid outerwear that acts as the perfect compliment to cleverly tapered trousers and strap adorned shirts. Overall, the fall collection is an impressive effort and raises expectations for spring 2010.

sopopular2 SOPOPULAR Fall 2009
sopopular3 SOPOPULAR Fall 2009
sopopular4 SOPOPULAR Fall 2009
sopopular5 SOPOPULAR Fall 2009
sopopular6 SOPOPULAR Fall 2009
sopopular7 SOPOPULAR Fall 2009
sopopular8 SOPOPULAR Fall 2009
sopopular9 SOPOPULAR Fall 2009
sopopular10 SOPOPULAR Fall 2009

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