Saint Augustine Academy – Quite Flattered

Saint Augustine Academy   Quite Flattered image saageorge
For-Tomorrow just posted an interview they did with Saint Augustine Academy designer Alvin Manalo.  Covering their latest fall collection, “Corpus Christi Carol”, I drew a comparison between the collection and the influence of English dandy George Bryan Brummell…and what do you know?  It popped up in For-Tomorrow’s interview.

As suggested on, do you agree the collection resembles ’George Bryan Brummell’?

-I’m quite flattered with the comparison because the collection is supposed to of that era although many references were also taken from English and Spanish royalty 1500’s-1600’s.

Check out the rest of the interview at For-Tomorrow.

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  • Ian

    Excellent call. I really enjoyed the looks St. Augustine Academy provided for this collection.