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Rick Owens Spring/Summer 2013 | Paris Fashion Week

rick owens spring summer 2013 017 Rick Owens Spring/Summer 2013 | Paris Fashion Week

The New Dark–The mood was quaint at Rick Owens, where the cult favorite switched out his usual boots and trainers for a peep-toe clog. Paired with ribbed knitwear, surprisingly, there was something much lighter about Owens’ collection. Draped like a bandage, blunt cut sleeveless sheer tops were among the expected, but a pleasant addition was a deconstructed sheer blazer, complemented by a loose turtleneck shirt that had a certain regal air. Meanwhile, flat pleated trousers, cut above the ankle gave the latest outing a formal attribute, amongst a more adventurous offering of floor-length tops, skirts and almost nomadic yet sporty outerwear, dressed in geometric prints.

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