Noma Han by Reed + Rader for The Fashionisto

Noma Han by Reed + Rader for The Fashionisto image reedrader exclusive1
Wabash Shirts and Icon 5 Pocket Straight Leg Jeans – Fingers Crossed, Shoes – Clae

Celebrating our upcoming launch issue and helping us get in the spirit of runway season, Pamela Reed + Matthew Rader work their magic on Red’s Noma Han. Charged with prepping those coveted seats alongside the catwalk, Noma gets an eccentric makeover courtesy of hair stylist Saya Hughes and makeup artist Jenny Kanavaros. Rounding out Reed + Rader’s addictive black and white madness, stylist Aki Maesato comes on board with garments from Fingers Crossed, Davidelfin and other labels.

Short Sleeve Shirt and Shorts with StrapTrim on Side of Legs – Davidelfin, Shoes – Bass

Harry Shell Top Heavy Souls Jeans and Scarf – Fingers Crossed, Shoes – Creative Recreation

Tee on top of tee t-shirt – Ksubi, Vest with Strap and Pants – Davidelfin, Shoes – Bass

Strammer Turtlr Tops and Caliber Jeans – Fingers Crossed, Shoes – Vans

Cassidy Duster Shirt and Heavy Souls Jeans – Fingers Crossed, Shoes – Creative Recreation

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    Wooooow, fantastic!

  • Serge R

    For verse, it did suffice / To hear the northern peasants sing / As they planted rice
    – Basho.

  • Anonymous

    i love it. nuevo daul kim.. hahaha