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Men’s Shorts are Getting Shorter! Fashion Trend or Faux Pas?

Shorter ShortsThe Cut tips us off to a great style piece from The Wallstreet Journal on the state of men’s shorts and rising hemlines. Author David Colman takes note of the changing tide when it comes to men’s shorts. No longer are hemlines associated purely with womenswear. With the hemlines on shorts getting shorter, gone are the days of baggy shorts that mimic athletes on the basketball court. San Francisco-based company Chubbies makes its men’s shorts with a 5½-inch inseam that recalls Adidas soccer shorts of the 1970s. Co-founder Rainer Castillo shares, “We spend too much time in the gym to hide under frumpy shorts that say, ‘I don’t care how I look.'” Read more at or jump on the bandwagon and check out our favorite picks when it comes to summer shorts.

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