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So…what exactly do fashionable people watch? Sleep is foreign to me and I love my DVR, so I tend to watch a lot of late night television. Beyond the typical reality show where you laugh at the travesty that is others, I cringe through shows like Gossip Girl, which I would probably not watch, if it were not for the clothes. It’s always fun to do the dorky thing and identify labels and collections, as well as hold conversations about the direction of the stylists. Anyone else annoyed by the fact that they always dress Leighton Meester up like she is a St. John’s mom? While on the topic of fashion and television, I absolutely love how people always go on shows like America’s Next Top Model or that one show Elle had and they know absolutely nothing about fashion. Unfortunately, they do not have the luxury of the internet to paraphrase their way into appearing knowledgeable. Yes, that was a slight at those sites. Back to the main topic at hand… Other than the shows I could definitely live without, I really do enjoy Rescue Me, Weeds, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. What shows do you like? Guilty pleasures included…

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  • Ceazar

    30 Rock is probably the only show on tv right now that can keep my attention

  • G

    Guilty Pleasures: The Hills and The City

    It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is one of my favorite shows. But I guess it’s not for everyone.

  • March

    I actually really like the styling on Damages, but I’m not really sure if lawyers can actually wear tops with giant bows on them everyday.
    Other than that: Weeds and Mad Men. And my guilty pleasure is Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

  • Solace

    United States of Tara, Heroes, 30 Rock is oh so witty! and Samantha Who? is unexpectedly funny!!
    and my guilty pleasure is Ugly Betty :)

    oh and I noticed that about the way they dress up Leighton Meester as well.

  • http://thefashionisto.com Carl

    G – The Hills and The City are two of my guilty pleasures as well. Short and sweet. Love Olivia on The City. Hate Spencer on The Hills.

    March – Watched the second season of Secret Diary of a Call Girl on demand. It was interesting. I felt like it needed to have more episodes though. A lot happened in the course of the season.

    Solace – I feel like they got a new stylist on Ugly Betty. The styling before the break was horrible for the most part.

  • http://desiderus.wordpress.com Desi

    I can not get enough of Mad Men. The suits, the dresses, the cars all of it just has me drowning in ecstasy.

  • http://chicklitt-s.blogspot.com/ karol

    Same as the ones you mentioned though i’ve never watched Rescue me. United States of Tara, , Californication, Dexter, Nip Tuck. Secret Diaries of a Call girl was great, the first seeaon. Second was a huge womp womp wommmp. I love watching re-run series like scrubs which i really liked.

    I’ve been dying to get all the Mad Men dvd’s. I’ve watched some of the new seasons episodes but i feel like they’ll ruin the beginning for me. Oh and this might be a little silly but i love Cartoon Networks animated series Chowder. Its the kind of show sprinkled unappropriated jokes only dirty minded people get.

    Flight of the Concords i suppose is also somewhat of a guilty pleasure since most instantly associate it being a “hipster” show. Samantha Who? really is unexpectedly funny..

  • garrett moss

    gossip girl IS my guilty pleasure, not cause of the fashion but cause of the beautiful peopm people on the show. chace crawford, ed westwick, blake lively. their fag stylist
    should be fired. i could do a better job. :)